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Out of my habit

Preamble As the teaching year comes to an end, it is time for me to start focusing on the ‘academic’ part of my role. This

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Finding my voice?

Preamble You might be wondering what is going on here. At one moment this site is called Wilson Waffling themes with blues and pinks and

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Paradigm Dilemmas

Preamble Life is always an adventure. We journey through life facing new challenges and achieving new goals. For me, blogging is an essential part of

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Ian has not only been a brilliant teacher and lecturer, he’s been a fantastic support system and colleague within my professional life too.
He actually made me enjoy maths - which I thought was impossible!
If only my primary teacher was as passionate and enthusiastic as Ian!


Ian’s sessions at university were absolutely brilliant!! They were inclusive, progressive, varied and highly enjoyable! I definitely learnt a lot.

Ian puts so much time and effort into everything he does and I really enjoyed working with him on a couple of different projects last year. His commitment to students and learning is highly inspiring and admirable.

Katie Goodacre

Ian is possibly one of the most passionate, inspiring and knowledgeable teachers I have had the pleasure of being educated by. Mathematics was never my strong point, however Ian has instilled so much confidence in my own ability of teaching it through his dedicated, fun and patient teaching.

Laura Lowther