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Promoting Engagement – Using Emojis

Preamble I recently was asked to provide an international webinar for Cambridge University Press on how to encourage engagement during online digital learning sessions. I received some positive feedback from the organisers and attendees so Read more…

Are we Robot proof? What new learning?

Although we are unsure about what the future will actually look like, it is assumed that it will be technologically rich. Authors such as Selwyn (2017) do elude to what education might include with respect to technology but include a caveat that environmental disasters could possibly prevent us from actually reaching it.

Live Stream: Supporting children with SEND

As well as tech and teaching in higher education, I also like to return to my previous job and talk about primary education. This week I was the techie for a live stream. The stream consisted of a panel of professionals talking and answering questions on the topic of children with SEND. Thanks to the experts Kate Long, Sarah Trussler and Louise Whitfield.

Learning Activities 4: Colours of Day

This week's learning activities are all about colour. As I was out for my daily walk this morning, I saw a number of rainbows up on windows saying thank you to all the key workers out there. Then I got thinking about colours and thought, let's investigate them more!

BSc(Hons) Environmental Studies and Social Biology, PGCE Primary Education, Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technologists (CMALT)

I have worked as a primary school teacher for twenty two years across both key stage one and two. During this time I have worked as a coordinator for ICT, mathematics, music and assessment. My work as a phase leader included working as a strategic level as well as leading a teaching team within school. I have been recognised as a Leading Teacher for Intervention and worked as part of the local authorities steering group for Able, Gifted and Talented and being awarded York Community Pride Teacher of the Year in 2009.

I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in 2012 with a focus on developing good practice using PowerPoint – which has subsequently been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

I have an active interest in the use of technology to support teaching and learning in higher education and have publish weekly blogs and YouTube videos. I also have an active presence on Twitter (@WafflingWilson). I have achieved my CMALT award (Certified Member of the Association of Learning Technologists) and have gained Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. I have also completed the Supporting Learning with Technology course and gained level 2 in British Sign Language.

Awards, Research and Publications


Students' Union Awards 2020
Inspirational Teaching Award

Celebrating Exceptional People Awards:
2014 - Enhancing Student Experience
2014 - Student Led Teaching Award for Innovative Teaching

Awarded York Community Pride
Teacher of the Year in 2000


My research interests focus on

- the use of technology to support and promote learning and teaching within higher education.

- how we learn throughout education
-looking at the future and a new culture of learning


Chapter in: Hopkins, D, (2017) Emergency Rations – what’s so important we can’t leave it at home?

Positive PowerPoint – developing good practice through practitioner research (TEAN Journal)

iPads in Higher Education Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on the Use of iPads in Higher Education (ihe2014)

Physical Mathematics (UK Ed chat magazine)

Key Contributor

Key Contributor

DigiLearn Sector


I remember attending my first university lecture for the Primary Education degree at YSJ and being encaptured. I knew this was the right job for me.

I already had the passion. Ian showed me how to channel that passion to my teaching and created some of the most memorable experiences of my university life. I used to always think it was such a shame that Ian wasn't in the classroom anymore but then I realised his passion and dedication are inspiring hundreds of teachers everywhere. Imagine the number of children that will be impacted by that.

I was lucky to have Ian as my Academic Tutor throughout my time at University. Ian is engaging, creative and passionate about all things linked to teaching and I always looked forward to the seminars and lectures which he led. Not only did I learn a lot academically but Ian provided an awful lot of support and guidance. Without Ian, my University experience would have very different and I will always be extremely grateful.

Having been taught by Ian - I remember his enthusiasm and brilliant way of working made me appreciate and enjoy maths for the first time. I remember thinking how different my education would have been if my teachers had been as passionate about maths as Ian is. Now, as a colleague, Ian is always happy to help and support and have a quick catch up. Ian goes above and beyond for every student (even after they’ve graduated) and still takes the time to check up on us and what we’re doing. He’s one of the most caring and passionate lecturers I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. </strong.

As an educator, Ian is highly supportive, motivated and passionate. Over the past two years as a student, I have been inspired by his teaching, enthusiasm and skill and have loved working with him on a couple of different projects. Ian has also offered copious emotional support over the past few months; I have relied on him to help me and he has.

UG Student

‘Ian is possibly one of the most passionate, inspiring and knowledgeable teachers I have had the pleasure of being educated by. Mathematics was never my strong point, however Ian has instilled so much confidence in my own ability of teaching it through his dedicated, fun and patient teaching.’

UG Student

I was lucky enough to be taught by Ian whilst studying my teaching degree and it would be almost impossible to explain how inspirational he was to all of his students. Ian has the perfect mixture of knowledge, skill, creativity, passion for his subjects and understanding of how to help others, of all ages, learn and grow. He went consistently above and beyond his duties to provide extra support and resources for us all, including optional online live streamed seminars in our holidays long before it was common to teach online! Ian was renowned throughout our cohort for being one of the best tutors at the university and I use so many of the strategies and resources he gave to us in my teaching today, many years after I graduated. Ian is the kind of teacher every teacher wants to be and every learner wants to be taught by.

Qualified Teacher

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