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Every Friday night at 20:00 I do a radio show completely dedicated to songs and tunes from the musicals of both film and stage. One of my favourite musicals has to be the ‘Sound of Music’. With every musical you have to have a favourite song and with this musical I have two – ‘I have confidence’ and ‘Doh a Deer’. Why do I like the latter? well it is because of the initial opening lines of – ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start…’. This is so true and I often remind myself of this whenever I start something new and feel that I am either being swamped with information or the initial outcome is not to a standard I want it to be. This week I managed to achieve something which to most of you reading this will probably appear to be a small, minor step but,to me, it is definitely a giant leap!

42 world leading techie people – well worth a read!

When I moved to higher education I had a dream of producing a international blog and YouTube show as well as being called upon to present keynotes at a range of conferences. None of this actually happened, although I still enjoy writing this blog and sharing my thoughts with you. Being an academic I work in an institution alongside Doctors and Professors and within the library there are books and journal articles from the majority of my colleagues. Although I have managed, after a huge amount of hard work and emotional turmoil (it takes a lot to work through 58 negative comments) to get some research published I had yet to manage to get something in a book. Well, this week, to my amazement, I have actually managed to get my name in print! Wahoo! (blows own trumpet very loudly!). Now before you get really excited about it – it is only two pages, but I am actually there – in print – two pages! If you would like to see/read it then just click the image – its on Amazon in paper and Kindle version so you can even buy it if you wish! As well keep looking at the book and smiling, I do keep reading the back of the book – why? well the blurb reads ’42 of world leading teachers, academics, partitioners….’ Does this actually mean I am world leading!

So, this is my small step which I am considering as a giant leap! Hopefully someone might read my contribution and invite me to write for another book or maybe even read my blog :). I need to take this opportunity to give great thanks to David Hopkins (@hopkinsdavid) – who took a risk on me and ask me to contribute. Without his support I would have never managed it to print.

I just wanted to finish this waffle off with a bit of encouragement to you all. Remember that nothing in this world is instant – you need to work at things in order to make them a reality. Keep positive with anything you are working towards and don’t set yourself targets which are too high. Make small and important steps towards your goals because it is only when you look back that you suddenly realise how far you have actually come.


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