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With Christmas out of the way and me being one year older, it is time to sit back and see what I have achieved this year and what I am going to achieve in 2014. A common post for most bloggers this time of the year – so I thought I would join them!

What have I achieved in 2013

What have I achieved in 2013

When I was writing this, I was going to put ‘what I will try to achieve’ but after watching so much Star Wars over the Christmas break, I was reminded of the Yoda quote – “Do or do not, there is no try”. First let’s see what I recognise that I have achieved in 2013 and then in next week’s waffle I can look ahead to 2014.

What are your three main achievements this year?”

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2013 achievements

  • Wilson Waffling – Well this must be my first achievement and if you are reading this then this could be a double achievement. I’ve always wanted a successful blog and although I am aware that this might not be ‘successful’ at the moment, it is a blog and I did start it. I have organised myself to have a regular writing and posting session and took the big step to host it recently away from the university’s website. The reason for this was to have more access to how the blog looked but also to make it a bit easier if I moved away from the university to be able to continue to blog.
  • Completing PCAP – This is a post graduate certificate in academic practice and allows me to teach within higher education. This was a year long course happening every Wednesday afternoon. I really enjoyed the conversations within the sessions which allowed me to gain an important insight into how other faculties and tutors work. The other really important part of the course was that I had to complete my first ever research project at Masters level! (yes I know how you feel if you are a PG student reading this!). I completed an action research project on developing good practice with the use of PowerPoint within my sessions. This was very interesting and I learnt a lot about academic research.
  • Presenting at BERA As part of every tutor’s role at university, we have to attend and present at conferences. BERA (British Educational Research Association) is one of the main conferences that is attended by people all over the world. Through supporting my colleagues with a research project focusing on the use of iPads to support formative assessment, I was able to attend the conference to present! This was a major achievement and also involved travelling to Brighton.
  • Receiving a Yeguin! If you have stuck with this post so far, you have now reached the most important achievement for the year, and one which has only happened recently. When I was teaching, my main priority in my job was always the children – aiming always to encourage them to progress and to make learning fun for them. When I moved to higher education, I quickly became aware of many new priorities to embrace, but one which I maintain as my key priority is the students. Just like the children (and I do not use that term with any negativity) I want to encourage the students to progress and have fun learning. Therefore, you can probably imagine how pleased I was to receive a Yeguin – a certificate which is nominated by the students for the tutors. Reading what has been put on the certificates have been very rewarding and encourages me to continue with what I do.
  • I have hopefully achieved other things this year, but these are the ones which I consider the most important to my continuing work at York St John University. Next week’s waffle I will look ahead and talk about what I hope to achieve next year and, perhaps more importantly, how I will hope to achieve these. If you have enjoyed reading this waffle then please press the like button or share it with other people who may be interested. If you would like to get involved with Wilson Waffling, and be in with a chance to receive the much acclaimed “I Waffled with Wilson” badge, consider -what are your three main achievements this year? Add your comments in the usual ways and be in with a chance to receive a badge.

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    Have a great New Year’s Eve and I’ll catch you all later!

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