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With every waffle, Christmas is getting closer and closer! Most schools have broken up and the students left university over a week ago now. I’m still working until Tuesday, but this will definitely be the last waffle until the new year. So what to say just before Christmas?…

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When working in primary school, I always felt that Christmas finished on the last day of term. Although there were other celebrations to look forward to, the decorations which had been up since the first of December were taken down and the children, after enjoying pop corn and Christmas films, headed off home clutching their bags of presents, sweets and those glittered covered decorations they had spent long afternoons making – including the calendar ready for the new year! (the traumas we used to have over calendar tabs!). University finishes even earlier than primary school and although the students are still busy writing assignments, Christmas at uni seemed to finish weeks ago with my Christmas outfit week now but a distant memory. Even my Christmas radio show seems like it was a lifetime ago!

I am often amazed by the internet. Yes it’s technically brilliant, but I am referring more to the possibilities for communication and collaboration it provides. I walked into my favourite coffee shop this morning to write this waffle to be greeted by a comment that they liked the snapchat of my turkey hat! Now, something actually got lost in translation since it was a reindeer hat, but apparently an image of me in the hat, which was ‘snapped’ in a session, was posted to snapchat and that was received by a friend of a friend and then that friend, who works here, mentioned it to me. From a more professional perspective, while working in the library on Friday, I was listening into the tweets from the #SocMed2015 conference in Sheffield, interacting and sharing content. From the conference there was an image of two people meeting for the first time in person! With the internet and technology allowing for more and more interactions, physically meeting someone seems to be something which is becoming almost the pinnacle of social interaction.

There is no doubt that technology has supported – or even promoted- these changes. Even when looking back on my coffee shop visits over the years, things have definitely changed dramatically – I actually used to pay with cash and would sit and read a magazine! Some people I have noticed are signing off from twitter for the Christmas break just as out of office messages appear on replies from emails. The virtual community will still be around over Christmas, but some people will choose to disconnect themselves from this in order to spend more dedicated time with family and friends. For me the only way to be in contact with many of my friends and maybe even my extend family will be through the internet and social media. Although I will be not be blogging again until the new year, I’ll still be around joining in the virtual celebrations over the Christmas period and, if you are around as well, I look forward to interacting with you there.

It only remains for me to wish you all a very best for the holiday season. Enjoy interacting, participating and being with family and friends in any way you feel is appropriate. Take some time for yourself and I hope that your year of good behaviour pays off when you take that wrapping off your presents. Have fun everyone and I’ll catch you later…


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