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A while ago I wrote a waffle on how I started off using Twitter and provided suggestions how people could start to tweet. As I arrived at Starbucks today (I was the only customer in for a while) I decided it was time for round two of that series of waffles. (When I says series, I mean maybe a series of two!). So this week’s waffle is about the applications which live with Twitter on my computers/mobile devices.

Applications which live with my Twitter

Applications which live with my Twitter

  • Feedly – This is my RSS reader. At the start of the day my first task is to start to work my way through everything that it has curated for me and to read and decide what I wish to tweet or store for later. I am often cautious of adding too many feeds to Feedly and I often delete some if I feel I am getting nothing that I find interesting from them. I have the information organised into Education – which I look at first, then Science – just general science things, and finally Technology – often the biggest section. If titles grab my attention I will open the article up and read it and then decide which of my next applications I will send it to. Often I don’t get everything read and I might have to catch up later in the day.

  • I’ve set this app up to tweet/post throughout the day at certain times which allows me to be ‘active’ on twitter all day, rather than just posting in the early morning.

  • Buffer – Buffer is a clever application that allows me to ‘load up’ my tweets etc to be released slowly during the day. I don’t pay for it, so I have a limited number of buffering to utilise, which actually helps me not overload everyone with what I consider interesting. I’ve set this app up to tweet/post throughout the day at certain times which allows me to be ‘active’ on twitter all day, rather than just posting in the early morning. You can connect a range of social media sites to your Buffer account and then decide which ones of these you post to. I have Twitter, Google+ (important so people can follow me here if they don’t have Twitter), Linkedin and finally my Wilson Waffling Page on Facebook – you can not link directly to a profile – I don’t think.

  • Pocket – If I come across something that I like the look of and, after the initial scan think I need to read this, or keep the information for later without tweeting it, I send it to Pocket. This stores everything for me so I can, as Pocket’s former name might suggest, ‘read it later’. I usually come back to this application when I have a ‘spare’ moment and read the articles. This often happens waiting for meetings to start or last thing at night instead of reading a book.

  • Scoop It! – This is my favourite curation site, although I do like Storify as well. I needed an effective way of keeping a list of all the applications I find for use within education on the iPad. My ScoopIt page provides this for me. Although I can not post directly from Feedly to the site, I just have to open the article and then click a button on my tool bar and -voila! (MFL for the day) the applications are stored for everyone to see. The advantage of the site is that I can link directly to this from my webpage so that anyone to have a look.

  • Pinterest – There is a wealth of infographics and images that appear either on my my RSS feeds or on the links. In order to curate these, I use Pinterest. Initially I was created a range of boards although looking back on this I wish I had been less – prolific! However, it is a good place for images and also, since Zootool closed (said times) web links which I want to keep. The other advantage of this site is that people can follow you in a similar way to Twitter.

  • There exists a range of applications which will do similar jobs to the ones I use. You might use the above applications as suggestions where to start before browsing the market place for your own choices for the job. If you have any suggestions for applications which you use to support your tweeting then please let me know your comments and ideas in the comments below or send me them to be via twitter(@iwilsonysj), Facebook, google+ or email.

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