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What will go on today’s list?

Many people organise their days and tasks by creating lists. These can be created on anything from the back of an envelope to a purpose bought pad. There are, however, several applications that can serve as a storage area for all your tasks. The list for these are long and varied and before choosing one, it is important that you examine some of the features that might be useful for yourself. These are the features that I look for in each of my task manager systems.

  • 1) Ease of use – there is nothing worse than suddenly remembering that you have to do something, reaching for your application and finding that you have to enter a range of information that you don’t really have the time or even inclination to fill in. Essentially I want the input method to be simple and quick. It is, however, useful to have a range of other options that might be available it I have the time or need to add other information, such as tags, projects and additional notes.
  • 2) Synchronisation – since I use a range of devices throughout my day, the ability for the application/software to synchronise across a range of devices is important. If I add a to do item on my phone, I want it to appear on my tablet and on my main computer. There is nothing worse than forgetting to do something because it was entered on one device and not transferred to the current device I was working with.
  • 3) Ability to prioritise – as the number of tasks increase, the software needs to be able to allow me to select tasks that I want to do today. This has to be easy to organise and select. Although all workflow systems suggest that your review your to do list regularly, there is nothing worse than that becoming a task in itself. This also links to my first point – it has to be easy.
  • 4) Appearance – yes I know its fickle, but I like it to look nice 🙂 clean and simple and a ‘dashboard’ that is free of clutter – I do not want to have to use valuable time, finding something on my to do list, I just want it there. I do not need any options to change it, this actually wastes my time, as I click through options and try to decide which appearance I prefer. Just make it clean and uncluttered and I will go for it.
  • 5) Works on all my devices – I put this last since, although it is important to me, it is the least important in the list. It would be prefect if the application or software works on all my devices, including cross platform devices, such as iphone and andriod, but as long as it works mainly on at least my mobile devices then I am content.

So, this is my list of features I look for – so what do I use? Well over the next few posts I’ll look at the apps that I use and the reason for using them.

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