Daily Blog Challenge: Day 9 – ‘read’

A person reading a Kindle

Read more Daily Blog Challenge: Day 9 – ‘read’ Daily Blog Challenge Day 8: Hide Daily Blog Challenge – Day 7 – ‘magic’ Daily Blog Challenge Day 6 – ‘perspective’ Introduction I’ve been staring at the word which I need to engage with for this blog for some time. I even got up from my […]

Daily Blog Challenge Day 8: Hide

Kitten peeking out from under a blanket

Introduction I hope you enjoyed reading the blog posts over the weekend. I really enjoyed writing them. I want to confess to something straight up as we move into Week 2 of the challenge. My content creation blog has fallen from the challenge. I am finding it too difficult to write them both, especially over […]

Daily Blog Challenge – Day 7 – ‘magic’

Fairy lights

Introduction Whenever I heard the word magic I instantly have the Take That song, ‘Could it be magic?’ echoing around my head. I really quite liked the song and the actual title. It hints at the possibility that magic exists and that certain elements of what we encounter in our life journey could be, well, […]

Daily Blog Challenge Day 6 – ‘perspective’

Columns at the Pantheon

Introduction I’m actually writing this late at night in order to get it scheduled for today! No one can ever say that I have not been completely committed to this challenge. I have spent some time thinking about this word and I have started and binned several attempts. As the minute hand passes the twelve, […]

Daily Blog Challenge – Day 5 – ‘experience’

Man pushing a stone up a slope

Introduction With today being Friday, I will be trying and writing the blog posts for the weekend today after work so that they will be scheduled to be posted over the weekend. I’m trying to get into a routine with the writing and posting so that I maintain the challenge, but I am not going […]

Daily Blog Challenge Day 4: ‘watch’

Introduction I’ve come to the conclusion that some of these posts might be shorter than others. You need to remember that I am trying to maintain my focus on this challenge while working full time and creating content on the evenings so blogging is just a casual pastime. but rather than giving up, I have […]

Blog Every Day Challenge: Inform

Introduction For the first two days of this challenge, I have been posting the same blog post to both my professional blog (this one) and my content creation blog (not this one). However, I have decided to challenge myself even further and start to separate the two! In this blog, I want to relate the […]

Blog every day Challenge: Day 2: Chance

Introduction Yesterday, I vowed that I would do better with my blog writing and this challenge, but yet again, I find that it is nearly the end of the working day and I am frantically scraping together something to write. I woke up this morning, looking forward to the day and this writing challenge, and […]

Blog every day in March: Routine

Introduction I’m not sure why I do this to myself. There I was flicking through my Twitter feed, engaging with tweets when I see a post for a blogging challenge! These are the two words that actually motivate me into action.  So, I quickly signed up and decided to give it a go! The first […]