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bundled rope

Time to unbundle

Every now and again, we should all take the time to sit back and reflect on what we are going in the classroom and lecture theatres. It is important to think carefully about what we are doing and why we are doing it and, perhaps most importantly, is it being effective. It was while following a link on my twitter feed that I came across the term -‘unbundle’. So I decided to share my unbundling with you today…

Capturing the visuals…

I always think that if I have watched something or bought an item of technology then I will instantly be able to actually do what ever I have watched or, using the piece of equipment, make or produce something special. The classic examples of these are watching tutorial videos and buy digital cameras. Unfortunately, although in the hands of an expert it might be true, buying a really expensive camera does not make me a great photographer! Taking photographs or images has changes throughout the years and now taking pictures/images has never been easier…but how are we engaging with this imagery and what do we actually use it for…time to waffle!

teenager cyborg

Scary Possibilities – future of education?

Do you ever have those moment when you start to think about something and then actually get worried or befuddled (<--great word!) as your thoughts progress. I often get it when I start to think about the vastness of space or whether there is an afterlife or even is that table actually made of atoms. I was talking to the students about effective use of technology within sessions and we started to wonder what possibilities might be available for the use of technology in the future and how it would support teaching and, more importantly, learning. I continued after the session in my thoughts and the possibilities might indeed be considered scary!