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Let’s waffle .. I mean Talk about Teaching!

Every year there is a conference based at the university where I work called “Talking about Teaching”. I can safely say that this is one of my most enjoyable events of the year not only because the focus is on teaching – something which I am passionate about – or that my image appears on much of the publicity (fame at last!) but also it is one of those events when people share good practice and I always leave full of great ideas and enthusiasm to implement this into my existing practice. So what did I experience – well Let’s waffle about the event!

Wilson Waffling Live Episode 29 – Waves, devices and iMacs #wilwafflive

You would have thought that by episode 29 that I would be able to use the software correctly, but no…yet again, I forgot to turn my mic back on – so if you get that far in the video then sorry. My iMac has crashed and probably burnt, so I had to film this week’s episode with only one machine – but I still managed to get a Mexican wave and a guru into the show! Enjoy! Run titles!