Daily Blog Challenge – Day 7 – ‘magic’

Fairy lights

Introduction Whenever I heard the word magic I instantly have the Take That song, ‘Could it be magic?’ echoing around my head. I really quite liked the song and the actual title. It hints at the possibility that magic exists and that certain elements of what we encounter in our life journey could be, well, […]

Daily Blog Challenge – Day 5 – ‘experience’

Man pushing a stone up a slope

Introduction With today being Friday, I will be trying and writing the blog posts for the weekend today after work so that they will be scheduled to be posted over the weekend. I’m trying to get into a routine with the writing and posting so that I maintain the challenge, but I am not going […]

Tutorial: Creating Christmas Angels

Christmas Angel

Introduction: Christmas is a great time for everyone but especially for the children within school. One of the things which I always tried to achieve was the decorations up on the first of December in order to enjoy the whole of the end of the autumn term immersed in the feel of Christmas. As we […]

Book publishing journey!

Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am a former York St John student. I am also the author/illustrator of the book, Miley’s Mind. Miley’s Mind is a children’s book which addresses the concept of a ‘poorly mind’ and aims to help children reach out for support. Through the main character (a dog called […]

Promoting Vocabulary in your Classroom

Introduction Vocabulary is so important. Using it effectively allows everyone to describe better what they are thinking and makes explanations more concise. Within the area of mathematics, there is a wealth of vocabulary which children need to be introduced to. There are probably a multitude of thoughts and opinions related to this but, in this […]