Innovating Pedagogy 2017 – Spaced Learning

Within education we always have to be careful. Although essentially stoic in its approach to learning, education, at all levels, is frequently bombarded with a range of innovated approaches which practitioners are encouraged to engage with and adopt. While teaching in the primary sector, there were often new ideas which landed in my pigeon hole requiring attention and implementation, all promising significant improvements to both my own practice and the progression and depth of the children’s learning. However, I learnt very quickly that ‘not all that glitters is gold’ and that before being swept along with the tide of innovation, and the promise of new shiny equipment, it was important to take a step back, evaluate and consider these new approaches for their longevity and impact on learning. The Open University recently published their 6th Innovating Pedagogy Report. In their own words ‘This series of reports explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation.’ But rather than just hopping onto the innovation bandwagon, I have decided to engage with some of these in order to see how they will or will not, impact on my own practice. First up, Spaced Learning.

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