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Before you panic! I’m not going to start singing along to Mariah Carey or swinging some sleigh bells around. It will soon be the end of the Autumn term which means that preparations for Christmas are probably already well underway! In order to help you with these I thought I would let you know how I used to prepare – so glitter at the ready – let’s get waffling!

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Some people might think that this week’s waffle is a bit of a cheat…well I guess it is really because apart from a few bits, I am not actually writing anything new. Instead, what I want to do is to remind you or introduce you to some of my previous waffles on the subject of preparing for Christmas so you can go back and have a read. If you have already read these waffles before then you should register for the site using the register button at the top of this page since you could be well on your way to achieving the status a Waffling Legend!

One of my favourite times in school was the preparation, rehearsal and final production of the Christmas pantomime! I was shopping yesterday and got chatting to a parent of a child who I used to teach. She, as a parent, had fond memories of the Christmas Pantomime and talking about it definitely brought back similar memories. Here is a waffle about the pantomime we produced.

He’s behind you!

Christmas comes but once a year but when it comes it comes with vigour! I must say that Christmas is one of my favourite times in a primary school – Christmas and Children just go together. But just like you prepare for Christmas at home you need to get organised at school as well. So here is how I used to prepare!

Count down to Christmas

Art/DT plays an important part in the preparation for Christmas and here are a couple of art activities which you can complete with the class. The first is the creation of angels. The starting point for these is a simple circle and, by allowing the children to adapt the final product, their individuality can shine! Of course, maybe not use red paper like I did in the video!

Create your own Christmas Angels

We made these Christmas boats as a class and, as a present to the children, I filled each one with a selection of Quality Streets. These could either be eaten at home by the children or given as a present to someone else.

Create your own Christmas Boat

Of course, I still believe that it is important to celebrate the arrival of Christmas in higher education and, although I am not prepared to play Christmas songs on my radio show until December, I’m happy to share with your the images of last year’s outfits as well as the activity we did within science relating to the ‘real-life’ situation of dropping presents by parachute from Santa’s Sleigh!

Parachuting Santas!


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