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There are times within our lives when other priorities take over and things that we really enjoying doing have to take a back seat for a while. Despite being very busy with marking and work work, I am still trying to keep up with my pointless gym going and the writing of Wilson Waffling. I have a couple of ideas ready to go with, but due to the time spent doing marking, I’ve not been able to put these together properly so this week is more of a general waffle about nothing in particular. So if you are marking, or planning or just sat with nothing to do, then put me on the speakers or grab a coffee and let’s have a catch up…

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This time - no picture no picture of me! (Image from

This time – no picture no picture of me!
(Image from

When I started to blog, I read a lot of articles about how to be a successful blogger in both the professional and personal environment. Two of the things that came up again and again is to blog about something that you would like to read/watch and know your audience.

Confusion over what I waffle about...

Confusion over what I waffle about…

I look at the range of professionally produced blogs for example Technology Enhanced Learning Blog and Social Media for Learning and often consider how ‘unacademic’ or cartoon like my waffling blog looks. I know that the title, “Wilson Waffling” does not scream academia and I rarely produce research cutting posts about either technology or teaching. I do think however, think that what I waffle about is something that I would want to read – which meets one of the initial blogging criteria – I’m not however too sure that other people want to read it as much as me. But people do and that makes my weekly waffle that more pleasurable to write.

The audience I write for I think reflects my personality – yes I do have one! I’m what I call a flitter – hence the tag line Teaching, Tech and Twaddle. Sometimes I consider my audience as practitioners within primary school teaching, at other times – people who want to engage with technology enhanced learning, and finally people who are just interest in my random waffles. Within the other professional blogs I read, their audience is very focused – indeed my sister blogs – Woodland Sprites – which is focused specifically on outside learning and will attract readers interested in this topic. I do use my blog within my teaching and I would hope that my waffles do relate to teaching and learning within higher education with the students I teach being part of my blog’s audience. My audience might be too broad which would account for the peeks and troughs in my analytics but, at the same time, I would not want to lose any of the topics I waffle about. Although considering your audience was the second question to reflect on for a successful blog – I’ve linked it to what I would want to read – is there an audience like me out there – some might think – hopefully not! I think I am probably waffling for fellow flitters – pop into my waffles when they interest you and leave them when they don’t – I’m more of a treat for Sundays rather than a pair of comfy slippers.

Anyway – that’s about it for this week – I’m going to head back to my marking while I finish my latte. Just a few things to keep an eye open for.

  • Leader boards!-As you might be aware, I am really into the concept of gamification and I am keen to try out some new – what I think are exciting – plug ins on my website. I’m not going to make these in your face items – but there will be a page on the top navigation that you can go to if you want to get involved.

  • I waffled with Wilson Badge!

    I waffled with Wilson Badge!

  • Competition! -I still have a packet full of “I waffles with Wilson” badges. These were originally created for a feature I had to waffle with me on video which lasted for three episodes before no-one else wanted to do it – the videos are still available if you want to watch –Weekend Waffles With…. After interviewing influential people from the place I worked I wanted to try and include other people from the internet and television! This really reflects my vision of grandeur I had about my blog – often thinking that famous and influential people would be lining up to participate! Would you believe I even emailed nationally famous people! yes I know…Anyway – the people who did participate have a badge – hope they wear it proudly! I thought I would now run a monthly competition to award the rest of these, so this competition will also be on this new page. I’ll announce when the competition will be running for real, up until now I am just trialling the software.

  • Radio Show! -I mentioned in my targets for the new year waffle about wanting to have a go at having my own radio show. Well this is, would you believe, progressing! Its not definite yet and I am not talking Radio 1 or MinsterFm but it might actually happen!

  • That’s it – as you can imagine I can sit and waffle for hours so I am going to stop now and get this ready for uploading. Hope this keeps you up to date with things and if you are one of my regulars or a flitter just for today then thanks for reading or listening – I do appreciate it.

    Have a great day and I’ll catch you later….


    Martin Gregson · April 1, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    I think we should do a joint minecraft waffle when I’m prepared to open my castle gates!

    TEL @ YSJ · February 4, 2015 at 8:57 am

    Aww Ian, I can’t believe for one second that no-one wanted to waffle with you for your video series!?
    I’m sure members of the TEL team would be up for a chat…

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