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Daily Blog Challenge – Day 5 – ‘experience’


With today being Friday, I will be trying and writing the blog posts for the weekend today after work so that they will be scheduled to be posted over the weekend. I’m trying to get into a routine with the writing and posting so that I maintain the challenge, but I am not going to lie, it is difficult. This is definitely going to be a challenge.

One thing which helps me to keep posting are the viewers and comments so please do share these posts with anything who you think might be interested. Okay, today’s work is experience and I would like to share with you one of my philosophies of life!

Was that a good experience?

Life is full of experiences. As we travel along life’s rich highway, we encounter a multitude of people and situations. Some of these might be difficult, emotionally draining, or unpleasant, but others will be motivating and thrilling, and even joyous! Although with hindsight, we can look back at all these experiences and make a judgement about them, I like to think that there is no such thing as a bad experience.

When we look at the person we are today at this moment, there is no doubt that we have been moulded and sculptured into the person we are because of the experiences with have gained. Through living these we have gained understanding, acceptance, tolerance and knowledge. At the time of living through these experiences, the actual impact might not have been recognised or even celebrated. Every experience has an impact on us and for this reason, I like to think that there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ experience.

As I grow as a person and start to look at life through a more philosophical lens, I have started to realise that it is probably not the experience itself that shapes us, but what happens afterwards. No matter what the experience was, good/bad/neither, it is what we do with that experience that is important. Reflecting on it, analysing it and even trying to understand it supports us with our personal growth and this is an important part of the experience.

This is not always easy, especially with difficult or emotionally charged experiences. Often we need to remove ourselves from the experience by allowing ourselves time to disconnect the emotions before analysing them. But once this distance has been created, then the learning and developing can start. And once this happens, then the true impact of the experience can be engaged with and explored.


I actually do not believe that there are good and bad experiences. Every experience is something that has made or will make, us the person we are today. Living through these experiences and reflecting on them actually allows us to support and understand others, helps us recognise attributes of ourselves, and even makes us better people.

So next time an experience presents itself, live through it and, when it is over and you are suitable distance has been created, reflect and analyse and decide how it will be beneficial for your own growth.

See you all tomorrow!

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