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Well, this is the moment that I don’t really look forward to each year…the setting of my new year targets. Do I make them easy so I achieve them or challenging so I have to put some work in to them? or maybe a bit of both? Well my initial target for this waffle is to stop procrastinating and to get on with it!

Setting my targets for 2015 Original image from

Setting my targets for 2015
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If you have read last week’s waffle you will know that I was partially successful with some of my targets. I’ve learnt a lot from this year and wanted to reflect this in the targets I set for 2015. I want to focus on achievements that I can make myself rather than relying on others. One of the targets from last year will be carried over to this year, mainly because I didn’t achieve it and I feel that I really should be working on this. Anyway, on with the targets!

  • Technology and Teaching – Hopefully you have realise that teaching is very important to me and something which I really enjoy doing. As this year progresses I want to include technology more in each and every session I deliver. I want to present the learners with a range of technologies which they can either use within their own practice or which enhances their own learning process within the sessions. I am hoping going to complete my CMALT this year and the work I do with this target will enable me to provide evidence for my portfolio. I also want to use technology as a method for supporting learners in all areas of their studies as well as attempting to use technology to provide extrinsic motivation. I know the latter one will rely on others, but I wanted to try in any case. This target will require a lot of reading of articles and journals in order to further understand the impact of technology on both learning and motivation so I guess this is quite a multi layered target! I’m going to go with it and see what I can do…maybe it is too difficult, but I enjoy a challenge.

  • Be research active – This second target is one which is left over as ‘unachieved’ from last year but which I feel links nicely to the first target. I need to get myself organised to actually start to produce some research about the work I am doing with technology and learning. I am currently trying to compose my PhD proposal, without much success, and need to identify an area which is both unique and which I am interested in. I know that if I continue – or even start- to work on my research then this area will become more transparent to me. I am aware that the stumbling block for my research is not time or energy but rather the ethics procedure – something which is essential for research. I need to be clear of this procedure and actually create a working title and get the ethics permission to start. With anything, the hardest part of this target it actually doing the first steps! I’m not going to say I want something published or presented – I am going to keep this one simple and just say I will complete the research. I can easily publish it on this site like I did with my Developing Good Practice with PowerPoint research or even on the new library area at the university.

  • Introduce gamifcation to my site -One area of ‘new technologies’ which I am really interested in is the introduction and use of gamification. It is possible that this might support the first target relating to motivation, as well as the second relating to research – it might even be possible to use this as a basis for my PhD work! There are many areas in which gamification can be used within teaching and learning, and one area is related to websites where open badges can be used. Although I am not expecting a huge multiplayer game to ensue, I am targeting myself to introduce a form of gamification to my own website. I’m not sure if this will produce a positive or negative impact on how the site functions but I think it is a target that relates more to my own website rather than my work within university – although you might well consider that they are both linked.

  • YouTube show! – I know I am in danger of setting myself too many targets here, but I have this and one more to go – you can probably tell that I have been thinking long and hard about these. In last year’s targets, I aimed to gain more subscribers to my Youtube channel. Although I did achieve this, I think that I should be concentrating more on setting myself a target rather than relying on others to complete the target for me. So this target relates purely to content! Wilson Waffling Live is something which I have been working on for some time, although the ‘show’ has yet to have a set format. This is something which I would like to work on so that viewers can become accustom to the areas which they would like to watch. Once this is in place I want to develop links within the video so that viewers can go to the sections they want to view rather than having to listen to the whole show. Again, I’m not sure what the sections will be, hence why this will be a target. I also want to develop a show that is purely on YouTube and is not part of Wilson Waffling – I have two ideas for this at the moment and I’m not which one will provide the required longevity for a ‘YouTube Show’. I would really like to produce something which is slightly different from the format of me just talking in front of the camera. This is going to require some investigation not only with software but also some creativity! (something which I sadly lack) – it is, of course, a good excuse to watch a number of YouTube videos 🙂 Tagged onto the end of this target is something which I have been thinking about for a while – I would love to do an online radio show – not sure where this one will go, but I’m going to pop it in here just in case.

  • Minecraft-#5

  • Minecraft adventures! – This is an area of my work that I have been neglecting for some time. I really want to become involved in Minecraft and it has only been over this holiday when I have been rolling about in agony with my dentist traumas (don’t ask!) that I have started to think more about the whole project. The aim for the Minecraft adventures is currently not clear – again! – but I am aware of the amount of knowledge I need to gain in order to work towards what ever the aim might be. I’ve certainly started in the road for this and have been investigating plugins for the world I want to create. I don’t need to be reminded that my current Minecraft videos lack content and maybe even personality! and so this will become a target for improvement! Lots of thinking and (that awful word) creativity to be done here…I wish the latter came easy to me – it would make life so much easier.

  • When I am broadcasting my Minecraft Adventures I use the TwitchTV platform. There are some HUGE broadcasters on here and the point which I find the most interesting is the amount of interaction and contribution which is apparent on a platform like this. Coupled with this is the motivational techniques which I hear being used at the gym by the trainers and how effective these are within the situation. I wrote in my Retirement Speech waffle that I wanted to make learning fun but I would also like to capture the interaction and contribution of the TwitchTV channels as well as the motivation of the gym into my own teaching and learning. I’m not going to set this as a target since I am not sure where to go with it – or even if it is actually achievable. But definitely something to continue looking into in the future.

    Infamous Yoda Quote!

    Infamous Yoda Quote!

    If you have managed to get this far with this waffle then you should get an open badge purely for perseverance! I’m not sure whether I will be able to achieve these targets but in those infamous words of Yoda – “Do or do not – there is not try!

    I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas, please add them in the comments below or send them to me via Twitter(@iwilsonysj), Facebook, Google+ or email.

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    Have fun and I’ll catch you later


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