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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      Yes, I am still magpieing ideas! – if you have one that you want to see featured here then just let me know or join the forums and you can post it yourself.


      This idea I saw on my twitter feed posted by @LukeCHale. The challenge is, by only using the number 4, can you make as many numbers as possible! You can see from the example in the tweet that you can use all four operations and brackets to make other numbers, e.g. 4÷4=1

      I have used a similar idea with the use of calculators before. Using dice or cards, the children are provided with four random numbers and two operations and then the equal sign. These are the only keys they are allowed to use on the calculator in order to make all the numbers between 0 and 10. These are recorded in the same order as they are typed into the calculator. Encourage the children to make a record or what they are typing otherwise you will often hear the cry of – “Got it!” followed by – “but I don’t know how I got there!”

      Have you got any other calculator games that you have used? If you have then add them as a reply to this forum post, or join the forums and start your own topic.

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