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Christmas pantomimes – effective learning?

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    Primary school teaching allows you try your hand at a huge range of tasks and activities which you might never get the opportunity to engage with in any other job. One of these was the producing and directing of musical productions. Being a pianist in school allowed me to enjoy all the traumas and highs of putting on a plays throughout the year. Art subjects within school can sometimes be seen to be struggling against the core curriculum subjects. Music, drama and singing could be areas which specific children could excel in rather than the core subjects of mathematics and English. But is putting on a Christmas pantomime only for my own enjoyment? I constantly waffle about the importance of learning, do these productions actually impact on the children’s learning? So what are your views about Christmas plays or any other production. To get you started here are some questions you might want to answer in your responses.

    • Do children learn anything from plays and productions?
    • Should valuable teaching time be given up for rehearsals and practises?
    • Do you remember your own plays with fondness or pure loathing?
    • If you were a headteacher, would you encourage your staff to produce plays?
    • And…if you are a parent…

    • Would you like to see more or less plays?

    You can either enter your views anonymously within the survey link below or you can register for the forums and reply within the posts using your own username and icon. You can register by following the link in the menu.

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    Children learn teamwork from plays, how everyone has an important role from acting on stage to making costumes and the set. It can be confidence boosting and aid their speaking and listening. Plus it is good fun.
    Plays can include the Christmas traditions from other cultures, teaching children about diversity and cultures. This is part of their spiritual and cultural development which is not taught in lessons but, laced throughout their experiences at school. It will help shape them as individuals with morals, beliefs and values.
    As either Headteacher or Parent I would wish to see several plays a year: Christmas, Easter and Leavers Do.
    There are parts for everyone. The quieter children might come alive at the chance to be someone else for a while or they might prefer to paint the set.

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    They shouldn’t interrupt children’s learning although I think they are nice to have.

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