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Images of Pluto

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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      If like me you have been immersed in the images from the Horizon probe from Pluto then you will have probably started to think about ideas to integrate this into the classroom. This is a link to a recent NewsRound report which sums up the images and journey of the probe.

      Headlines and Reports – Whenever there is something new or unpredictable in the news, there exists the possibility for creating headlines and/or reports. Initially these might be on paper, but the use of videos IT allow for these reports to be multimedia. Starting points could be;

      1. What could be found on Pluto?
      2. What was found on Pluto?

      I want to be a planet! – I’m sure this will be some topic for debate for some time but what are the views of the children. These could include both the scientific facts as well as other approaches.

      How big is Pluto? – The size of planets and stars are very hard for children to comprehend. Although they use the term ‘a million’ they rarely have an actual concept of this. the end point of this investigation would be an acceptance of that it is ‘big’. Consider how many of known items would it include? How many of the British Isles would it cover? How big is it compared to the moon? (think it is 2/3 the size – but I might be wrong)

      This might be a suitable starting point in September since the Horizon Probe has been on a journey and has discovered new ideas and information and has helped our own knowledge of the universe to increase. This could be related to the children’s journey throughout the new year.

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