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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      Hi everyone,

      Welcome to the Readiness for Academic Study course for 2019/20. As a starting activity, create a post within this forum telling everyone about the following information.

      Who are you?
      Where are you from?
      What did you study in further education?
      What are you most looking forward to at university?
      Any questions/worries?

      We would like you to make you aware that your interactions on this site may be used in a research project investigating transitions to Higher Education, which will be published at conferences, in journal articles and in blogs. Any information used will be made anonymous; no-one will be identified by name or contact details. You may withdraw your contributions from this research upon request from (your details) and this will not lead to any disadvantage in academic terms. Email addresses will be kept separate to recorded information and retained only for the length of the research project.

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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      I’ll get the ball rolling by introducing myself;

      I’m Ian Wilson and I’m a senior lecturer in education at YSJ. Although I’ve spent the majority of my life in York, I was actually born in Kent – so I’m not sure if that makes me a southerner or not!

      For A levels I was a bit of a science geek and did Chemistry, Physics and Biology – I also had to take general studies.

      I taught in primary schools for 22 years and people often ask me if there is any difference in teaching in higher education. My answer is – no. I still enjoy facilitating learning and promoting curiosity. My favourite times at university is when I am teaching!

      The beginning of a new academic year can be quite nerve-wracking, especially meeting new people and starting new modules, but I like that challenge and hope that I continue to make sessions enjoyable, informative and academically stimulating.

      That’s me!

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      Laura Lowtherlaura.lowther

      Hi everyone,

      I’m Laura, I am 23 years old and have lived in the York area all my life- I am definitely a home bird!

      During my AS Level year in Sixth Form I studied Health and Social Care, Theatre Studies, Psychology and Sociology- but after this first year I decided I wanted to get out into the world and follow my passion of working with children. This is where I then began a childcare qualification as an apprentice in a nursery.

      I have worked in Childcare for over 6 years now, having gained various Qualifications and CPD training. From working with babies, toddlers and preschoolers I then became a supply teaching assistant where I was lucky to work within a few different primary schools!
      In the past year I have also developed a small childcare and babysitting business in which I offer childcare for people in my area.
      (I feel like I’m applying all over again😂)

      Having been out of education for many years now I am feeling slightly nervous to be getting back into it, but I am also so excited to get stuck in and meet lots of like minded people!
      Bring it on!!

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        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Don’t worry education and learning is like riding a bike, it will soon come flooding back to you 🙂

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      Hi everyone,

      My name is Amanda. I am 32 years old and I live in Northallerton.

      When I first left school I did a 2 year BTEC in Early Years and followed on from this in working in different nurseries with a range of age groups from 0 to 4. From this I took on a new challenge and changed career direction working in a car dealership doing their site admin and accounts.

      More recently, I finished a 1 year Access course for Primary Education in June, which has reintroduced me to education and studying after a long time away from it.

      I have 2 little boys, a 5 year old and a 3 year old. They were the main decision in which I decided finally to follow my dreams and begin my new challenge in life to become a Primary School Teacher.

      I feel most nervous about being probably one of the oldest in the group and feeling like a grandma, but I am so excited to meet you all and begin a new journey with you all!

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        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Welcome Amanda, we have other mature students on the course and an excellent Chair of Education who is as well. I always say that education and working with children keeps you young in both mind and body 🙂

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      Hi all,

      I’m Demi, I am 22 years old and also live in the York area.

      In sixth form, I studied Drama and Theatre studies, Psychology and General Studies.

      Upon completion of my A Levels, I didn’t really know which career path to take. I originally applied to music and drama schools and received an offer from a music college in London that, after careful consideration, I declined.

      I branched into the world of work for just short of four years and have recently left my role as a HR Advisor to begin my journey to becoming a teacher.

      I am nervous about getting back into education but I am excited to develop skills that will enable me to succeed in the Education Sector.

      I am looking forward to meeting you all.

      • #12820
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Demi, loads of skills there! You will soon get back into the swing of education and learning so don’t worry 🙂

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      Hi everyone my name is Caitlin Betts and I am 18 years old, I live in Buxton which is about 2 hours away from York. I have just completed my A levels in geography, psychology and film studies, I enjoyed gaining a variety out of the subjects and learning to use different skills

      In my spare time I like to help out at a primary school in my local area which I find very interesting to see how different children learn. This makes me even more excited to start my primary education course as I want to become an enthusiastic teacher who loves to teach children different skills!

      Although I am very excited I am also nervous to get back into education as I want to progress well and enjoy every moment.

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        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Welcome Caitlin – after working in a school for so long I sometimes miss it a huge amount. A broad range of skills is important – you will be able to extend this further in the first year wider skills module 🙂

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      Hi everyone,

      I’m Sophie, I am 18 years old and from Northallerton.

      In Sixth Form, I studied Applied Science and Health and Social Care.

      I have done a lot of work experience in classrooms and I loved every minute of it, this is why I want to pursue a career as a primary school teacher.

      I am excited to go to university to meet everybody on my course, develop skills and do teaching on my placement!

      Can’t wait to meet you all!

      • #12834
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Sophie – good to hear that you are looking forward to meeting everyone. Placement will get underway in November so not long to wait!

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      Hi everyone!

      I’m Natalia (I do prefer Talia or Tal – easier to say!) I am 18 and live in York.

      I have just done my A levels in psychology, English language and Applied Science.

      I have always wanted to be a primary school teacher but at the beginning of sixth form I was considering becoming a children & young adults councillor. I have visited two primary schools for work experience which confirmed to me I definitely want to teach!

      I am really excited to start the course, learning about what I am interested in and to meet everyone!

      • #12835
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hello Tal, welcome to the course. Plenty of learning happening throughout the course. Also new ideas which you will have to discuss and form an opinion on. 🙂

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      Hi everyone, my name is Ella. I am 18 (but will be turning 19 on the first day of lectures!!) and will be moving to York from Stockport where I live with my family. I studied IT, History and English Language at college in Manchester. I chose these subjects because they are core curriculum subjects therefore best preparing for starting my course.

      In my spare time I work at Tesco and love going to the gym. I also enjoy baking which will come in handy for the bake off!

      I’ve always wanted to be a Primary School teacher, and have done loads of work experience in different types of schools.

      I am most looking forward to meeting new people and exploring a new city.

      Although I’m very much excited to meet you all my worry is that I’ll find it hard to settle in.

      • #12836
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Ella, nice to meet you – baking sounds perfect! Will you be bringing cake in for me as a tutor if I teach you? 🙂 I’m a vegan btw, but don’t hold that against me :). Everyone is settling in together so plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

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      Hello everybody!

      I’m Stan and I am 18 years old. I have lived in Leeds all my life and look forward to moving to York for university.

      At my sixth form, I studied Maths, ICT and Drama A-Levels, which I (mostly) enjoyed. I have also volunteered, and then worked, in a local primary school for the last three years, something which I really like doing.

      At university, I look forward to going on placement and exploring other schools, as well as learning more about what it takes to become a teacher. If I’m worried about anything, it would have to be the workload, but I’m hoping this pre-course work will help!

      • #12837
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Stan, nice to meet you. I teach mathematics and digital learning so great A levels :). Seeing a diversity of schools is so important – the more you experience the better teacher you become. I have a series of videos coming out about organisation – so do check them out.

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      Hi everyone,

      I’m Sophia and I am 19 years old. I live just outside of York but have decided to stay in student accommodation for the first year.

      At Sixth Form I studied Psychology, Geography, Business and Sociology. I left Sixth Form not really knowing what I wanted to do so I spent two days a week in a school volunteering to ensure that I was making the right decision of wanting to be a teacher; this experience confirmed it for me. I really enjoyed getting to know the children I worked with and seeing how much they progressed from September to July, despite some of the challenges many of them faced.

      For the past 3 years, whilst studying I have worked part-time at John Lewis in York which I plan to continue throughout my years at university.

      I’m feeling both excited and nervous about starting the course, but looking forward to getting to know everyone and taking the first step in my career.

      • #12854
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Sophia – working with children is definitely the best way to find out whether you are going to enjoy it. That’s what I did and never regretted a single moment.

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      Hi everyone,
      I’m Megan, 18 years old and will be moving from Burnley which is near Manchester but not everyone always knows where Burnley is!

      I have just completed two years at college, studying Childcare and Education where I had done two different placements as part of my course throughout the whole two years twice a week. One in a nursery from babies to pre-school age and the other placement in a primary school in reception class.

      I really enjoyed my experience with different ages and it confirmed for me that the younger end of primary school is what I want to teach the most and have most interest in!

      Starting University is something I am excited but also a little nervous about as well and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new people 🙂

      • #12855
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Welcome, Megan – I must admit, I have worked within reception children and its not my fav, but it was a good experience. That’s a good thing about the course, even though you take the 3-7 or 5-11 route you are actually qualified to teach anywhere in the primary age range – that’s why subject knowledge is so important.

    • #12843

      Hi Everyone!
      I’m Kyla, although most people call me Ky, and I am 18 years old. I am from a small town just outside of Durham, so not too far away on the train!

      I have just recently completed my CACHE Level 3 in Early Years and Education. I worked with children from birth to age 7. This included over 1000 hours of experience in a private nursery, a state nursery and a school which I really enjoyed, and it reassured me that I want to work with children and teach them.

      In my spare time I am a performer and I love using this when in my placements as I think children learn really well from this.

      At university I am really looking forward to meeting new like-minded people and expanding my knowledge as well as gaining new knowledge! I am really excited to find which parts of education and the curriculum I most enjoy and conveying this in my placement!

      I am slightly worried about the transition into a new area and group of people however hopefully I will settle quite fast! I am also slightly worried about struggling with work however I am going to work really hard to overcome this.

      I cannot wait to meet you all very soon!

      • #12856
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Ky – there are all familiar worries that everyone deals with so – don’t worry 🙂
        One thing I love about uni is the new knowledge that you gain – just be open-minded and remember that no matter how much experience you have had, there still might be a better way 🙂

    • #12844

      Hi guys, I’m Megan and I live near Halifax.

      Whilst in college, I studied geography, psychology, health and social and did musical theatre for a year. I worked in 3 schools for a year and a half: a mainstream primary school, an independent primary school and a school for special needs children.

      At university, I look forward to meeting new people and learning how to tech children in creative ways because I like doing creative things like art.

      The things I am most worried about are making friends and working as hard as I can to be able to be a teacher one day. However, I am excited to come.

      • #12857
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Megan and welcome!

        I love learning new ways to teach and learn, so you are in the best place for that – as for creative ways – well I think every way is creative, depending on your viewpoint 🙂 You will love the final year module on creativity if you choose to take it.

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      Hello everyone! I’m Rachel and I’m from Bridlington so really not too far from York!

      In Sixth form I studied History, Psychology and Biology due to the fact they all really interested me at the end of year 11. In my spare time I play guitar and sing and find that this really helps me get involved at placements with the younger children as they always love a good rendition of nursery rhymes when the time is right!

      At uni, I am really looking forward to meeting new people on my course and throughout the university and I am looking forward to gaining new knowledge and expanding my view on the parts of the curriculum I most enjoy.

      I am slightly worried about the transition into a group of people as this is completely new to me, however hopefully I will settle quickly. I am also worried about the prospect of moving out of my family home for the first time as this is a completely new experience I know many on my course are also facing.

      I cannot wait to meet you all!

      • #12858
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Rachel, we are all a nice bunch – you will make friends quickly I assure you. One thing about all teachers is that we are always talkative and willing to make a fool of ourselves – I still have memories of myself teaching dance in school!

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      Hi I am Kate and I am 18 years old and live in a village near Cockermouth in Cumbria.

      At college I studied Level 3 Early Years Education. In my first year at college my placement in a Reception class doing two days a week which then lead to doing 3 days a week. In my second year I then went to help a local Childminder also doing two days a week. By the end of my two years at college I did over 100 hours of placement and I loved every second of it. In my spare time I volunteer as a leader at Keswick Guides and Cockermouth Rainbows.

      I am so excited to come to University as it will allow me to meet new people and make new friends. It will also allow me to gain new experiences. However I am still nervous on starting.

      • #12859
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Kate – everyone is nervous so don’t worry. I get more excited when I meet a new cohort of students – I have so many ideas and concepts to share with everyone, it really makes my job fantastic!

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      Hello everyone,

      My name is Callum Johnson (but you can call me Cal), I’m 20 and I’m from Grantham in Lincolnshire. I’m going into my final year of the Primary Education course at YSJ, focusing on ages 5-11.

      I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time so far at YSJ and have learned so much since starting in 2017. I was incredibly nervous when starting the course but quickly found my feet and I feel that I have come on leaps and bounds since then. My favourite aspect of the course is definitely placement as I get to put all of my knowledge into practice and get to spend time doing what I love most (teaching that is, not going out 😂).

      Out of uni I love to play football and socialize with my friends. I co-ran the Primary Education Society last year with my better half, Kieran. My favourite film is Monsters Inc. and my favourite classical composition is Arabesque by Dubussy (great to listen to whilst writing an essay).

      If you have any questions at all about the course or student life, feel free to drop them here or pass them onto Ian and I can answer them that way, I look forward to meeting you all soon!

      • #12860
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Callum – oops a mean Cal! why have I been calling you Callum all the time!

        Thanks for participating – a good role model 🙂

    • #12853

      Hi everyone I’m Kieran, 20 from Middlesbrough and am going into my third year of Primary Ed at York St John.

      I’m sure you will be feeling a mixture of feelings about starting Uni but the next few years will be some of the best of your life. When I started, I was really nervous about Uni but quickly settled in and embraced Uni life.

      The course itself is great and fully prepares you as a teacher in preparation for your teaching placements. There is always help available if you need so don’t stress!

      Outside of Uni, I enjoy socialising with my friends and taking part in the Sports and Societies at YSJ. Last year I was a member of badminton and co-ran the Primary Education Society with Cal.

      If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

      • #12861
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Thanks for participating Kieran – I never knew you played badminton! learning something new every day 🙂

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      Hi everyone! My name is Lucía and I am from Mexico (and half american). I moved to York about 3 and a half years ago with my family.

      I am going to be 19 very soon and I just completed 3 A-levels in English Literature, Religious Studies and Spanish.

      I am most looking forward to actually studying what I want my career to be! I am very excited to be much more independent and make new friends with like-minded people. I also have a passion for musical theatre so I’m excited to join the musical production society.

      I’m quite nervous about starting university hardly knowing anyone as I’m living at home, however I hope that it will be fun and rewarding. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

      • #12884
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Lucia, the musical production society will be a great way to meet people. Once the sessions start you will soon get to know people in your group, but do arrange to meet up for coffee etc.

    • #12869
      Stephanie Elizabeth Schillerstephanieschiller

      Hi Everyone,

      I’m Stephanie Elizabeth ( Just Steph,(or Lizzie) for short 🙂 ), I’m 18 years old and I’m a born and bred Northerner! I’ve lived in middlesbrough for most of my life after being born in Newcastle (so I suppose I am part Geordie??) and I am moving to York to study with YorkSJ!

      I studied Pyschology, History and Double Drama and Dance at Sixth Form, and I’m looking forward to beginning Univeristy education and having a career in education as I do genuinely love being in education !! I was head girl at secondary school and I like to think I have a natural personality 🙂

      Outside of a classroom, I have participated In Dance, Drama and Musical theatre classes since the age of 3, as this is where I feel the most confident!

      I worked over the last summer in a school uniform company, so have worked closely with children and families, as well as taught regularly at my dance school! Prior to this, I am a fully qualified Barista with Starbucks Coffee as I worked there for 2 years!!

      My only fear is not making friends at Univeristy but a lot of people seem so nice and after reading everyone’s posts I don’t feel as bad!!

      Look forward to seeing everyone!!

      • #12885
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Steph!

        You will soon begin to realise that I have a serious love for coffee, although I am more of a Costa person – ask anyone what my drink is, most students know 🙂 (Soya Wet Latte 🙂 )

        I agree so many nice people on this forum, looking forward to meeting everyone as well.

    • #12872

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Abby Roberts and I’m 18 years old. I live in a village around 20 minutes away from York, so I will be staying at home during my time at university (you could definitely say I’m a home bird too)!

      At Sixth Form, I studied English Literature, Geography and Sociology. Up until the end of my a levels, I worked in a local primary school an afternoon a week and I have also been a Brownies leader for 3 years, which made me realise why I wanted to become a primary school teacher.

      I am most looking forward to the work placements, meeting new people and joining clubs/societies. I am feeling excited and nervous at the same time but nevertheless looking forward to beginning my journey on a career path I’m extremely passionate about!

      • #12886
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Welcome Abby – I’ve lived in York since I was 8, so know its a nice place to live. Definitely get involved and not dash off too quickly after sessions. Most of uni life happens out of the sessions rather than in them – oh in the library too 🙂

    • #12876

      Hi everyone,
      My name is Ellie Cawkwell and I’m 18 years old. I live in a little village near Scunthorpe around an hour away from York. I have just finished studying a level history, English language and an applied science BTEC, I like to think this gives me a wide range of curriculum knowledge needed for primary ed.

      Over the past couple of years I have gone into my local primary school once a week and gained experience in both year 1 and year 4. This proved to me that primary teaching is what I want to do and that every day is always different.

      Looking forward to meeting you all (a little nervous too of course). I’m sure we’ll have the best time on the road to our future careers!

      • #12887
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Ellie – everyone is nervous on the first day, including the tutors – well I’m more excited than nervous.
        Working in schools is a great way to realise that you want to be a teacher – best decision I ever made!

    • #12878

      Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I live in Middlesbrough but have decided to move to York although I am slightly worried about this!

      For my A-levels I studied history, psychology, English language and an AS in English literature which I really enjoyed.
      I started completing work experience 2 years ago in the primary school which I attended and loved going there twice a week, which confirmed to me my passion to teach.
      My main concern is moving to a new city, however I am really excited to start the course, especially completing a school placement.
      Looking forward to meeting everyone next week!

      • #12888
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Welcome Grace – there is quite a posse from Middlesbrough – Kieran has taught me to say -‘up the brough!’ (hope that’s correct)

        The nice thing about York is that it is quite small, so it’s very hard to get lost – just walk towards the Minster 🙂

    • #12893

      Hi everyone! Im Holly and I live in a village called Nafferton, just under an hour away from York. For my A levels I studied Business, Music and English Language. Throughout my time in Sixth Form, I did work experience in my local Primary school once a week for a few months, as well as a few months in my local infant school. This allowed me to see my passion for teaching and help me decide that this was the path I wanted to take for my career. The thing im most looking forward to at university is meeting new people and getting started on my chosen career as a university student.
      I can’t wait to meet you all and get started on the course!

      • #12911
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi holly,

        Plenty of new people here :)teaching is a great career, hard work but very rewarding. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    • #12898

      Hi everyone!
      My name is Holly and I am 18 years old. I have lived in a small village in Halifax (about an hour away from York on the train!) all my life but I am looking forward to moving to York for University.

      At sixth form I studied health and social care, psychology and geography which I really enjoyed. In my spare time I have worked at a local swimming pool teaching children aged 3-12 and also volunteered in a primary school which confirmed to me this what I want to do.

      I am really looking forward to meeting new people on the course and throughout the university and excited to start the course in order to gain the knowledge and experience needed for the future.

      Cant wait to meet you all next week!

      • #12912
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Holly,
        It won’t be long now!
        Are you all packed and ready to go!

    • #12901

      Hi everyone, I’m Ed, 19 from Clitheroe in Lancashire about an hour and a half from York.

      At A-Level I studied Geography,History and Business Studies. During my time at sixth form I worked part time in a morning and after school club and this year have worked in a Primary school once a week.

      I’m really looking forward to placement and getting active and creative in a new learning environment. After having a year off study I’m a little nervous if I’ll readjust but I can’t wait to meet you all and get started!!

      • #12913
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Welcome, Ed
        Everyone will be adjusting to uni life and academic work so you won’t be alone. The important part is to get stuck in and enjoy 🙂

    • #12902

      Hi everyone,

      I’m Mercedes and I’m 18 years old. I live in a small village called Rufforth just outside of York, but when I start at university I am going to be living in student accommodation, as The Coal yard.

      At A-level I studied Health and Social Care, English Language, and I also did AS Business studies in the first year. Also, during my two years at Sixth Form I volunteered at a local primary school on Wednesday afternoons, where I supported children in the classroom. I worked with every age group, but my passion is Early Years!

      I am really looking forward to starting the course and meeting everyone!

      • #12914
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Mercedes – Early years is a passion for many of the students and staff as well – looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

    • #12903

      Hiya everyone, I’m Amy and I’m from Newcastle, so an hour away from York. I’ve only been to York a few times, so if you see me looking lost please help and point me in the right direction. I’m 19 years and will be living in Percy lane.
      I studied travel and tourism at level 3 and was due to go to Essex university to study hotel management however my love for children and teaching made that move impossible for me and I had to look into teaching. Which is why I went back to college to get my level 3 in childcare and education. I did my work placements in an early years setting and absolutely loved it, it made my decision of wanting to be a teacher final!
      I am really looking forward to starting York St. John as I can’t wait to be a qualified teacher, to meet new friends, have new experiences and gain the independence which comes from being a poor student.
      I’ve been really nervous because as I said I have only been to York a few times so don’t know anyone or my way round, but I am looking forward to meet everyone and getting lost…multiple times.

      • #12915
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Amy,
        Don’t worry York is a relatively small city – and all roads lead to the Minster so it’s hard to get lost. On Monday, there will be plenty of people to show you where to go.
        See you soon!

    • #12906

      Hi everyone, my name is Emily Clements I am 18 and I come from a little village not far from York.

      At college I studied BTEC science for 2 years; this course covered all aspects of chemistry, physics and biology.

      For as long as I can remember all I have ever wanted to be is a teacher, as I would consider it a privilege to influence our future generations. After completing placements and helping out coaching at my local gymnastics, my love for teaching has continued to blossom.

      I am so excited to be starting a new journey of my life at my chosen university, I can’t wait to take my next step into my chosen career and meet lots of new people!
      See you all next week!

      • #12916
        Ian Wilsoni.wilson

        Hi Emily,
        Welcome to the course. Teaching is fantastic, but lots of hard work and learning to be the best teacher possible can be difficult – but well worth it!
        See you next week

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