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Is my teacher really a teacher?

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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      At the start of every new school year, there is a requirement to complete an open writing task. This allows the children’s writing to be assessed and analysed in order to plan future lessons to support their progression. This is a great opportunity to get creative with ideas as well as seeing how creative the children can be and, because of this, I would always steer away from the classic – What did you do on holiday? – writing. Apart from being more of an account (which is rather closed when it comes to demonstrating the child’s vocabulary and sentence structures) it can be boring and put some children who didn’t actually have a holiday ‘away’ at a disadvantage.

      So rather than looking back – why not look forward! Here are some ideas which I have used in the past. They are more open ended and so allow the children to be imaginative in both their ideas and their writing.

      • Is my teacher really a teacher? – At the start of the new year children usually have a new teacher. But are you (if you are the teacher) really a teacher? What else could you be? how would the children know this? What strange actions/activities have they seen that throws arises their suspicions? A starting sentence could be – “I always thought my teacher was an …. and this is why”
      • Secret Life of the teacher – If you don’t want to go down the ‘my teacher is an alien’ route, then maybe a secret life is more in order? Are you secretly a rock star? an applicant in the X-factor? or even a super hero! Again a similar sentence to the previous one is a good starting point.
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      • Anything could happen this year… – If you have seen or remember the introduction to the classic cartoon ‘Stingray’ you might remember the immortal words – “Anything could happen in the next half hour!“. Using this clip as a starting point – the children can imagine what could happen this year in school/class – anything from the magical to the normal – alien invasion to becoming a pop star – the sky is the limit!

      There are many more ideas out there, so if you have any of your own then you can share them below in reply to this post. If you use any of the ideas then please let me know how they went and what improvements you would make. Enjoy your first writing task!

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