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Placing Value on a display

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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      By the end of the second week of the start of term, I always wanted to have my displays up and sorted. Although I had working and information display, the school rules said that I needed to have a mathematics, English and science display so I was always thinking how I could make an interactive mathematics display early on in the term. One of the ways I did this was with the interactive place value display.

      These are the steps for what the children created…

      • Revise, introduce or consolidate place value – Having a complete understanding of place value must be one of the rudimentary requirements within mathematics. It is easy to differentiate across the ability groups and has application in both money and measurement. Before the display items can be created the concepts need to be revised, introduced or consolidated and, of course, put into some sort of context for the children. This could be related to money/measurement, or just be related to some sort of challenge/gamification idea.
      • Choose your number! – using criteria presented to the groups, the children choose the number that they will be focusing on. Criteria could be a simple as; must have three digits, a decimal point, must not contain a zero to more complicated criteria such as the tens must be double the units, the total of hundreds and units must be less than the tens. This will allow you to implement both differentiation and challenge into the activity.
      • The creation! – Using a piece of fold in half portrait and then cut the top piece so there are three ‘flaps’. On the top of this put questions marks and underneath put the digit of the numbers. Of course, if you have more than three digits, use the sheet landscape and do the same. The addition of colour pencils and felt tip pens at this point can make the finished product more visually appealing. Next stick this piece of paper onto a coloured piece of paper and on the space above write three clues that the children have created to guess the number. Ideas for these clues can be found in the choose the number section. Its a good idea to check these clues before the children write or type them up. Adding a difficulty level can also be helpful at this point.
      • Finished display – With a title of ‘Guess my number!’ – make sure that the sheets of paper are all at a level that the children can interactive with. Sometimes Blutac comes in useful to keep the flaps closed to avoid sneaky peeks! If you identify each number by adding the child’s name then guess can be made in a box at the side, or even use the board as part of your mental/oral starter throughout the week – e.g. “Let’s see if we can guess Mark’s number – here are his clues – were we right – reveal!”




      Do you have any similar ideas for place value displays? Why not add them as a reply or join the forums to post your own ideas within the forum…remember it is always good to share!

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