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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

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      I tweeted the link to this Newsbeat article about Diplodous vs the Blue Whale and commented what a great starter this would make.

      The idea would be to present the children with a range of facts and figures about the two creatures. These could be in the form of trading cards and/or top trump cards. The idea would be then to interpret the data on these cards to decide who was the winning in various competitions. Answer would, of course, require justification. Questions could include simple questions such which is the longest? heaviest? fastest? to move involved questions requiring calculation or application of the data – e.g. how many breaths would they need to travel a certain distance – this would need the children to engage with the ‘holding breath’ data and the speed of swimming. This could even become a regular feature throughout the week with the winner from each day going on to challenge the next competitor!

      If you use this idea then please let me know how it goes, or post your examples on your class blog and I’ll add a comment for you!

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