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What OFSTED doesn’t want for Christmas or forever…

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    There has been a recent publication which states what OFSTED does not want to see in schools. You can read the Guardian article and the original document by following the links.

    After reading the document;

    • What are your views about what OFSTED have mentioned?
    • Which would you prefer to see – a list of what they don’t want to see or what they do want to see?
    • Do you consider this a step in the right direction for OFSTED?
    • Would you like to see more of these documents available in order to reduce what is sometimes thought as a guessing game to what OFSTED wants?

    You can add your views/comments to the survey and I will add them to the forum replies – you can always add your name/alias to the start of your reply if you want. Alternatively you could always register to the forums and add your own reply.

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    I think it is interesting to see the emphasis Ofsted is placing on this issue. Surely the document should have been published years ago? However, people still mention that from experience inspectors are wanting to see full lesson plans, something the document says is not necessary. Further, surely a clear guidance list would bring far more clarity to inspections rather than listing what they don’t want to see? Surely inspectors want schools to do well and so should be transparent.

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