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Which aspect of education really interests you?

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      Ian Wilsoni.wilson

      Let everyone know which aspect of education really interests you and why.

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      My main passion in education is pastoral and pupil welfare as I believe that all children should feel safe at school something I did not and therefore will do everything in my power to make sure the children in my school do. In addition I believe that a safe and happy learning environment will allow all children to succeed to the best of their ability.

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      My main passion is Early Years as I love the way that it is taught that the children get to learn through exploring their environment and the world around them, instead of being sat and talked at the whole time. This then means that the children get taught in there own ways so that they understand what they are being taught.

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      My main interest in education really is the ability to enable children to experience adventures either within the classroom or out. Whether this be showing children items they have ever seen before, or places they have never seen before either through school outings such as trips to the beach; museums or entirely different countries. It’s the wonder on children’s face when experiencing these new adventures that really has inspired me to further my interest in teaching to begin studying education at university.

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      My main interest within education for 5-11 is to foment a sense of independent and creative learning that starts with engaging activities which push each student to look for their own answers and strategies to solve problems. I believe that within the education system, especially with older students, it is pushed to only listen to what the teacher says is correct because they need to be able to pass an exam. I want to challenge this view and encourage students to question and look for new and innovative solutions that will help them learn in a more fun and effective way. I want the wonder that children experience when learning new things to never stop as they grow up, and I find that to be the most rewarding thing I can do for them.

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      Stephanie Elizabeth Schillerstephanieschiller

      The main area of education which interests me is probably the way children morally develop throughout their time in education. Through studying Pyschology at A Level there were several different studies which interested me and a specific one, involving a primary school classroom, hypothetical moral dialemmas and different aged children stood out. This then made me question how important an education is when helping children to understand what is morally right in life, as different people have different levels of Moral Development and I am really interested in how, as teachers, we can all help this expand 🙂

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      Laura Lowtherlaura.lowther

      There are so many aspects of education that excite me and contribute to my passion for wanting to teach. However one of the main aspects is the well-being of the children.
      During my primary school years I unfortunately had a teacher who very publicly described her beliefs that I would amount to nothing and despite proving her wrong that still stayed with me for years.
      I want to be able to teach children with everything I have and give them the tools to be the best they can be. Most importantly I want to give them the encouragement, praise and support they need in a safe and trustworthy environment.

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      The aspect of education that really excites me is ensuring that all children are able to develop and learn not only in academics but also as a character, learning life lessons and skills along the way. All children develop at their own pace so being able to accommodate individual needs is a big thing for me and why I believe a good teacher/student relationship is vital.

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      There are so many different aspects in education that interest me, but I find Early Years especially interesting and exciting. From volunteering in a Primary School for two years, I have been able to spend a lot of time in Early Years, and I have really enjoyed the experience, as it allowed me to watch and support individuals to grow and develop in an exciting environment. I also find the approach to teaching and learning interesting, as in Early Years it is very active and hands on, to engage the children whilst helping them learn.

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      One aspect of education that interests me is discovery learning, and how children learn outside of the classroom. I believe that occasionally going outdoors to learn or taking children away from the classroom can make learning more relevant and engaging. A core subject like maths is taught in such an abstract way that children may not consider that maths is everywhere, and an outdoor setting may help bring learning to life and is somewhere else for children to apply their learning. This is something that came to my interest when working with early years children in their school’s ‘magic garden’ and I am excited to discover how I can bring learning to life beyond the classroom.

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      The main aspect of education that interests me is the exploration of learning styles. I believe it is beneficial to include a wide range of activities in order to support their education as well as gain new skills. It is important to understand that every child is different therefore, will process information differently. Also, contributing a practical element to education will help keep the children engaged and will encourage them to think independently as well as within a group when needed to.

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      My main interests are for the early years, hence why I have chosen to study the 3-7 years of this course. As my mum was a childminder, from a very young age I was exposed to the world of teaching and learning. When I was old enough I was able to help my mum deliver the early years foundation stage, I found each Childs progression thrilling one of which stood out to me very well; which was portage learning.
      Portage is an education system provided to those children who require extra support, this individual had global development delay; from seeing how basic activities improved her skills such as: encouraging language, rhyming, fine motor skills and problem solving it introduced me to learning through play. I believe learning through play is amazing, as I believe when a child is doing something they enjoy their passion and focus towards the topic will be so much stronger, leading them to produce a piece of work to the best of their ability.

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      The main aspect of education that really interests me is the pastoral care of children. During my school experience I worked with a varied group of children, from Reception to Year 6’s. Like any school, every child had their own individual needs that had to be catered for. I often worked on a one-to-one basis with children who had gone through adoptions, who were selective mutes, had learning difficulties as well as other circumstances, this introduced me to the different ways children learn and how lessons can be adapted to suit these needs. It also showed me the importance of safeguarding, children often confided in me, which then had to be reported in the appropriate manner. Whenever this happened I felt a sense of achievement because that child had trusted me enough, and was comfortable enough with me to tell me things about their past, present and fears that they have. I have always had a passion for helping people, at Sixth Form I mentored ‘pupil premium’ students lower down the school which was when I realised I would like to be a teacher, to be able to make a difference to students, so being able to do this as a career would be great!

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      The main area that interests me the most in education for 3-7 years is probably outdoor play and not just learning in a classroom sat down all the time. This is because during my placements that I did in college, the children would often have outdoor play time or forest school sessions which they would really enjoy because they get to explore and learn at the same time. I think that having this outdoor provision in all schools would allow children to learn in different ways and learn new skills.

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      My main interest is Educational Needs. In my placements, I was asked to support children who were a little more challenging or the children who had special needs. I really enjoyed working with these children, supporting them further because they were lovely children who just needed some extra attention. I believe every child should be treated equally and have as many opportunities as possible, and for some children, a little time and support is all they need. I would like to specialise in SEN, however I choose to do Primary Education as I wanted my qualifications in a wider area.

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