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After all these waffles about targets you are probably ready for something completely different. Well today’s waffle is different in two ways – first its not specifically about targets and secondly its not like the usual waffles when I discuss something. This waffle is about something which is returning and, if you have the time, I would like your opinion about it – good and/or bad. What’s returning – well Wilson Waffling Live of course! Run titles!

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I often wonder whether these waffles include what is currently happening in the world. This morning we have just heard the very sad news that Sir Terry Wogan has sadly died after a short, but brave battle with cancer. I always found Terry’s humour so funny and enjoyed watching him on many television shows including Children in Need and Blankety Blank. He will certainly be missed. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Setting targets is often the easiest part of achieving progress. Actually putting the actions into place to reach the targets, that’s the difficult part. I mentioned about Wilson Waffling Live in my waffle about targets for 2016 and now has come the time to actually put the plan into action. As well as working on my radio station/shows and my live streaming, I’m determined to get to at least one hundred episodes of Wilson Waffling Live so what follows are my ACTIONS – not thoughts, for the next forty (?) episodes.

  • Change of time -Timing is everything, and I have become aware that the live show was probably fitting in with my schedule rather than that of others. Sunday evening was a good time for me, but now I have placed the radio Sunday Snuggle Show in that slot, so Wilson Waffling Live is on the move! I have bravely moved it to a Monday – which is usually my late night teaching at university. As well as a move of day, there will also be a move of time. Looking at it now, 19:00 is probably a time which was suitable for me and maybe less so for my audience. After finishing my course on podcasting by Colin Gray I learnt the importance of thinking about my audience so I’m going to be moving the live show to either 20:00 or even 21:00. this is way past my bedtime but will allow me to get back from work and broadcast.

  • Change of location – Unfortunately due to only winning lucky dips on the lottery, I am still not able to afford my own studio somewhere else like Mark E Millar has on Youtube so I am afraid I will still be broadcasting from my bedroom/studio. When I say changing location, I meant where it will be streamed to. Initially I was with USTREAM – they have been a fantastic company and have really supported me over the past few years, but I realise that I went with this company when I was trying to aspire to being similar to TwitTV. I realise now that this is really just an aspiration and, going back to my target audience, I think that Youtube will actually be a better place to live stream to and host my recordings. This has a built in chat as well (although I do have my own chatroom now!) which actually supports with the interaction and the promotion. The other advantage of Youtube, is that many of my target audience will have YouTube accounts and, if they subscribe, they will be able to get notification when I go live – again this should hopefully bring in more viewers.

  • The ‘My favourite teacher’ segment will also have a similar possibility.

    Change of content

  • -While I’ve been having a break from Wilson Waffling Live, I haven’t been doing nothing with the show. I’ve actually been trying to set up my mixer and computers so I can take Skype messages, calls and even video! I recognise that just seeing and hearing me week after week is not perhaps the best advertising for a show. There are many tactics used by presenters to gain viewers, but being nearly fifty, below average looks and geeky is not one of them! By involving other people with the show then I am hoping that this will make it more enjoyable to watch and even more enjoyable to produce. I’m a bit concerned with the technical side of things since video/sound production is not really my strong point, so people will probably have to be prepared for a range of glitches and mistakes until I get the hang of things.
  • -The format of the show is also going to change. Instead of being trying to tick every single box on the entertainment checklist, I’m just going to focus specifically on teaching, tech and twaddle, the same as this webpage. If you want to get involved in competitions or general waffle, then check out some of my radio broadcasts. Tweet of the week will remain, this is always good and allows people to contribute to the show and Ask Waffling Wilson will be there in some form but with more of a purpose. Taking the lead from successful TweetChats, each episode of Wilson Waffling Live will have a focus topic where people can express their views or ask questions about this topic. These will reflect the content as this website. With each topic, hopefully I will be able to get a co-host to join me on the live show and participate in the discussion as well as talking about other items that have appeared in the educational/tech news streams.
  • -One segment which will be similar to the old style of Wilson Waffling Live will the part of the show called – “My Favourite Teacher”. I know that a lot of us can relate changing points in our education down to certain individuals and I want to celebrate this in the show. So I will be looking for contributions for this segment. This could be video, sound or just text. However they arrive these contributions will be shared on the show to celebrate those great teachers.

  • As you can probably imagine I still have a lot of work to do with the show, especially advertising and getting people involved. My plan is to start creating a list of topics so that people interested in joining me can either pick from list or suggest their own. Although the show itself will be live, there is the possibility of running pre-recorded clips. This is one of the advantages I find with radio, you can nip off to the bathroom, grab a drink or even change the dryer while a long song is playing! The ‘My favourite teacher’ segment will also have a similar possibility. If you were to ask me the aim/purpose of the show, then this is now very clear in my mind. I want to engage, share and discuss a range of topics relating to teaching and technology. Anyone interested in these will hopefully find the show interesting and beneficial from the experienced teacher to the students thinking about joining the profession – and hopefully everyone in between. I’ll be going live tomorrow night, Monday 1st February, not in the new format, but to share the ideas for the show and see who is around – maybe you could join me?

    I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas, please add them in the comments below or send them to me via Twitter(@iwilsonysj), Facebook, Google+ or email.

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    Have fun and I’ll catch you later

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