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Graduation Galore!

Published by i.wilson on

What a week it has been – graduation and the YSJ Primary Education Society’s own version of University challenge! Of course, both went really well and I captured both events in photos.

Graduation is such a grade event and I really enjoy not only getting dressed up in my gown and hood but also the opportunity to meet all the students who are graduated and seeing and hearing about their achievements. One of the best ways to record this grand event is to take the annual graduation selfies! Here are just a few – you can see the rest by checking out either my Wilson Waffling Facebook page or following me on Instagram

Our University Challenge Team

Our University Challenge Team

Our team of tutors looked very serious and may I say ‘magnificent’ in our attire. Although we had best intentions to win – alas it was not meant to be. The final score 9 to the students and 6 and 3/4 for the tutors. Our performance within the sport round significantly helped us on our way to the final total. In this round I actually managed to answer two questions! Actually these were my only two questions I answered – polo and golf 🙂 I’ll leave you to work out the actual questions!


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