Inter Waffle Puzzle Break

Come on, I want you to be honest when you answer the next question. Have you actually found yourself being bored on while being away from university/school? I thought I would help your boredom and remind you of the previous puzzles which have made an appearance on Wilson Waffling. Maybe, instead of doing the Guardian’s Crossword today, you can give the puzzles a go and keep that mathematical part of your brain going. I’ve decided to give my mathematical brain a rest and focus on working out at the gym! (yes you did hear that right!)

  • Coins and Plastic – This was one of my first posts that I set task to rearrange coins into a different shape.
    If you have given in, then you can find the solution here.

  • Roman Numerals – This was a video about Roman Numerals since it was going to become part of the now statutory National Curriculum – this might be something you can give your class in the new term, so make sure you know the answers first 🙂

  • Parts of the body – Finally, if you would prefer something less mathematical – then have a go at naming parts of the body with only three letters.
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