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This morning I woke up and had a revelation while I was lying in bed. Don’t worry it wasn’t painful and it soon past. Sometimes, you get into a routine with things and before you know it you are doing it over and over again without little thought. I’m sure that I read once that you need to keep doing something consistently for three weeks before it actually becomes a habit and, after that, you are more likely to engage with it without much thought. But, there comes a time when you have to think – has this habit been going on for too long and is it time to break the habit or change it. Well, that was what my revelation was about…

Sunday morning, sometime after 9:00am in my favourite coffee shop (other coffee shops are available) has been, for some time now, when I have sat at my favourite table, facing my favourite direction writing these waffles. I had a look back on this site at the first waffle I wrote and it says, on page 57, 25th February 2013. I did have a blog before this which was hosted on the institution’s wordpress site, but I decided to move it away from there and brand what you all know now at Wilson Waffling. From this has evolved, with a various degrees of success, Wilson’s Weekend Waffle with, Wilson Waffling does Apps, Wilson Waffling Live, the ‘I waffled with Wilson’ badge and even the World of Wilson Waffling Minecraft server. With all these ‘initiatives’ I always have one thing in mind, to support learning and to share what I think about things. I tend to think of myself as an ideas person. I’m not creative or imaginative, I just get these ideas which I think everyone in the world would really like to see, read and engage with. From writing the series of ‘My weird life‘ blog posts on my personal blog site, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am very unique and, not only weird, but quite different from the ‘normal’ run of the mill people. When these ideas spring into my mind and I think they would be brilliant, they are, realistically, not since they are based on my own slightly off centre perspective of the world and life in general. With these thoughts in my mind, I ventured a look at the analytics for this website and found, in the frequently search phrases these three words – ‘retirement, teacher, speeches’. It might be that cosmic forces are actually coming together here and directing me in a certain direction. Let’s face it, how often do morning revelations and website analytics compliment each other? Anyway – as always I am waffling and I should really get to the point…

Although schools are still going strong, university is winding down and I am being encouraged to take my annual leave which I have not touched yet since September. I still have lots of work to engage with but pretty soon I am going to catch up enough and probably be forced to take some leave. During this time it is beneficial, so I have been told, to take a break from work related projects and let my so called ‘batteries’ recharge. Because of this, I just wanted to let you all know that this will probably be the last waffle – for a while. Hang on! I said a while! Take that bunting down and stop blowing up those balloons – I am coming back! You are not getting rid of me that easily! Mid August is an important time for universities and the new intake for the next academic year so, although I will probably be away from the majority of July, I will be back during August with new waffles for you to engage with. I’m still going to be blogging on my personal site and I’ve even got ideas for more videos and live/radio shows. I recognise that I am not the most charismatic person on the planet and that many might be getting bored of seeing me frequent videos and images so, if there is anyone else who would like to get involved with Wilson Waffling Live on either a regular or one off basis, then do get in touch – maybe I could even perfect my interviewing techniques – I wonder if Sally Brown is available – oops Professor Sally Brown – probably ruined my chances there!

I’ll probably make an announcement tomorrow on Facebook about Wilson Waffling Live, but if you are reading this and usually attend the live show (there’s usually one of you which does…I appreciate it) then please feel free to take tomorrow evening off attending. I want to ensure that I keep you up to date with the current news about education so I will be tweeting the news stories via the hashtag #ysjprimed, so do follow it to keep informed. Also, remember there are probably shows which you might have missed or waffles which you might now have a spare moment to engage with. There’s plenty of content out there – just do a search for what you want to see/read.

So the decision has been made – there is no revote, not petition to parliament, no matter what you think Wilson Waffling will not be around for the next month or so but, will return and, despite what you might think, there is no stopping it (pause for hideous, world domination laughter). Hopefully you will all stay in touch and be awaiting with eager engagement to rejoin the community when we all return after our summer break. Until then I just want to say, have fun and I’ll catch you all later and, until then, consider yourself waffled!


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