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All about the birds

Since everyone is busy learning away from schools at the moment, I thought I would share some activities each week for people to use.

If you want to share any of your finished items then you can upload them to the comments below or twitter them to me @WilsonWaffling

There are lots of different birds in the world. Have a look in your books and on the internet to find pictures of different birds. Then have a discussion and record;

What do all birds have in common?

How are some birds different from others?

How do birds differ from other animals? 

Many birds use colour in their plumage (feathers) to attract other birds.

If you were designing a new bird what would it look like?

You can search the internet for birds of paradise to see some examples.

Why not use the template to colour in your new species and add some tail feathers using different materials!

How many birds do you actually see in a day/week?

Choose one point in your house or outside to make a tally chart of the number of birds you see within a set time period.

You can repeat this over several days.

Using this data – create a graphs which shows how many birds or different bird you see from your house/garden.


How could you encourage more birds to your garden?

Which types of birds did you see?

You could repeat your survey about making the changes. Do you see more birds?

Look at these images of birds flying.

Which words would you use to describe how these birds are flying?

You can record these words by;

1) Making a mind map with the bird in the middle and all your words around it.

2) Why not write a poem, making the reader feel that they are flying with the birds

3) Write a story about a bird who forgot how to fly but then remembered with the help of his friends

You might know that birds build nests from twigs and feathers.

Collect materials from outside which you think will make a good nest.

Why are you chosen these materials?

Can you make a nest out of them?

Remember a bird would only have its beak (use some tweezers) and a foot (the other one they will be stood on).

Challenge: Can you build the nest with just your tweezers and one hand?

Maybe this could be a competition with your brothers and sisters or even whoever is looking after you.

When you have finished all the activities have a think and record.

What have you learned about birds from these activities?

I hope you have enjoyed investigation birds.

More activities next week!

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