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Is it a bird? No, its a plane!

Welcome back to another week’s activities. You probably thought I had deserted you all, but no, I just had a brief stay-cation, and now I’m back.

This week, we are going to need to go outside and throw things – up for it?

Well grab some paper and let’s see who has the best paper aeroplane!

Here is your first challenge. You need to learn how to fold a paper aeroplane! Why not ask your parents or even your older brothers or sisters? Maybe, next time your grandparents are on the Zoom chat they can talk you through it. The best sort I think is a dart! Here is a video to help you Or, if you fancy something harder how about this one!

Did you enjoy folding that paper into an aeroplane? Well now that you are an expert what about using different types of paper?

Before you fold and fly your aeroplane with different types of paper have a chat with someone.

Which do you think would make the best aeroplane?

Why do you think this?

Which do you think will go the furthest? 

Why do you think this?

Now, before you go outside and start throwing your aeroplanes, check out the next task.

So, if we are going to see which aeroplane is the best how are we going to test it?

If you are stuck, maybe think about asking for a tape measure or think of a way to measure something 😄.

Before you test your paper planes, how are you going to make sure that it is a fair test?

Who is going to throw the planes? How will they throw them? Will you allow a run up?

Get ready to record everything and off you go, let’s test these planes!

Okay, I hope you all had fun throwing your paper aeroplanes and seeing how far they went.

But now I would like you to start being imaginative.

Take your favourite paper plane and decorate it. You can use what ever you want from felt tip pens to streamers which you can stick to it.

Also, have a go at making a logo and name for your aeroplane, you could even use alliteration for this – ‘Fantastic Flyer!’ ‘Perfect Plane!’

Remember logos can be any colour and design – here are a few – do you know what they all stand for?

I hope you enjoyed making and testing your paper aeroplanes. Don’t forget to let me see your fancy designs and your logos. You can add them to the comments below or post them on Twitter – just add @wilsonwaffling to the post and I will see them.

Happy flying!


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