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Red and yellow and pink and blue!

This week’s learning activities are all about colour. As I was out for my daily walk this morning, I saw a number of rainbows up on windows saying thank you to all the key workers out there.

Then I got thinking about colours and thought, let’s investigate them more!

Everyone has a favourite colour. You can probably tell me what yours is straight away! But why do you have that as your favourite colour?

In this first activity, I want you to tell someone why you like your colour. You can even write it down if you want and share it in the comments below.

Next, let’s make a collage. On a piece of paper start to collect things which are the same colour as your favourite colour. You could cut things out of magazines, print things off from the internet or collect things from outside.

Stick them all down on your piece of paper to remind you have all the things which are your favourite colour,

As we look around we are able to see lots of different colours. But what would the world be like if everything was your favourite colour?

Make a table of three columns. At the top of the columns write, ‘Good things’ ‘Not so good things’ and ‘Things that don’t matter’.

Let’s think about all the cars and vehicles being your own favourite colour. What would be the good things about that?

What would be the not so good things?

And which things would it not matter to?

As a starter – if all the cars were your favourite colour would it be easier or harder to find your car in a busy car park?

What else can you come up with?

Colours really make the place look nice. But what would a world be like with no colours at all? Imagine a world which was all grey. No colour was allowed apart from grey!

Write some ideas, a story or poem about a world which had no colour.

What would it feel like?

How would people act?

Who stole all the colours? Why did they steal them?

How would one you get the colours back into the world?

What would it feel like to be the person who brought colours back into the world?

Can you find out which colours are actually in a rainbow? Lots of people think that every colour is in the rainbow – are they right?

If you could design your own rainbow – which colours would you have in your rainbow?

Draw and colour in your rainbow and tell someone about why you chose those colours.

I hope you enjoyed learning about colours. Don’t forget to let me see your colourful drawings and writing. You can add them to the comments below or post them on Twitter – just add @wilsonwaffling to the post and I will see them.

Happy colouring!


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