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The sun is out, the sky is blue!

Sorry that I am a bit behind with the activities, real life job has priority :). Anyway the sun is out and the sky is blue today and has a returned from my morning walk I thought – what a great day for shadows!

Shadow of a giraffe

So how does your shadow change throughout the day? Grab some chalk and mark on the ground a big cross. Remember to always stand in the same place every time – on this cross!

While standing still, get someone to draw around your shadow. Or, get someone to stand still and you draw around their shadow.

Repeat this activity three or more times during the day and look how your shadow changes.

Why does your shadow change? 

What stays the same and what is different?

Do you have a shadow when the sun goes behind a cloud?

Have a look around the house and garden and see if you can predict what will have a shadow and what will not.

For example, does tissue paper or tracing paper have a shadow?

Can you change the colour of a shadow? or is it always black/grey?

Can you make a shadow disappear?

A lot of the time, you can guess the object from the shape of its shadow. But can you actually create a shadow which looks different from the object(s).

Collect objects from around the house and garden and put them down to make a shadow.

Can you make a shadow that looks like something else? Like a tree, a building or even a monster/creature?

Try to make the shadow as different as possible. Take a picture of it and add it to the comments below, or share it with me on Twitter – @wilsonwaffling.

Looking forward to seeing the strange shadows you can create!

Collect a range of objects from your house and garden and create a shadow quiz!

Just take a picture of the shadow or draw round it and see if people can guess what the objects were.

Feeling energetic?

Can you ever escape your shadow or does it always follow you?

Is it always attached to your feet? 

You can do both of these, just think creatively!



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