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Sometimes you plan on starting something and it takes ages to actually get going. I’m pleased to announce that my very own Minecraft server is up and running – World of Wilson Waffling! But is everything going smoothly – well only time will tell!


So I was going to going to call this first post- “In the beginning” – but decided it was probably the most used term for the initial post of a blog ever! So, keeping with the Minecraft theme, I thought I would go with the title that you see above. What is going to be about? Well I would like to formally welcome you to this my journey into the world of Minecraft – many have started, few have continued but I intend to be one that achieves both. After spending some time trying to find a server I could join – you won’t believe the number of requests I sent out, or the time I spent playing on my own in my own little world, I decided that if I can’t join a world, then maybe it is time that I provided a world for others. Hence the start of the World of Wilson Waffling!

I spent a lot of time trying to decipher the world of hosting for servers and eventually took fate by the hand and signed up with Nitrous Networks mainly because I got some free hosting and a Mumble (not sure exactly what this is) server in with the price. They have been very helpful so far so I’m hoping to continue with them for a while 🙂

I never realised there was so many add ons and modpacks to have to consider. I’ve installed Essentials and is it Bukkit as a starting pack and then some mods that allow me to guard areas. Apart from these it is pretty much just basic stuff at the moment. It took me long enough to realise that I had a quite a few commands as an admin on the server! With a few plugins in place I felt it was time to get some other people involved. After sending out a few emails I managed to get some people involved and, with the server set to survival mode, people are starting to explore and build their own houses. Hopefully this will continue to develop over the next few weeks/months and I will be able to start to grow as the admin person and allow the server to grow…maybe even start to venture into different realms! You never know 🙂

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Martin Gregson · April 1, 2015 at 3:08 pm

Glad to be involved and undertaking my castle build! Everyday a little bit of progress is made!

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