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I know it is hard to believe but today I attended a Higher Education Academy course called New to using social networking in learning and teaching. Wait…that’s not the part that is hard to believe. That part is that I was a guest presenter! Want to know what I talked about? then read on….

Sorry about the flicked up collar.

Sorry about the flicked up collar.

I’m more of a teacher than a researcher and wanted to provide some practical examples of how I used Twitter and other technologies within my teaching. I wanted to detail some of the applications I used to support this process as well as demonstrating how it could impact on not only the student engagement, but also my own professional development. After showing the 46 Stages of Twitter which was written by Shane Nickerson I used the different stages of twitter identified in “Teaching with Twitter, presented as part of Wicks, D., Via, S., & Rhode, J. (2011, January 27).” After this I went through the ways I used Twitter, providing real life examples of my tweets to support the presentation.

Within second part of the presentation (well the second ten minutes), I talked about the other forms of technologies I used to support my teaching including Google Docs, Socrative and Explain Everything. You can see examples of these in the slide show below. I tried to express how these technologies can be used to support teaching and learning within higher education. There was a lot of technologies mentioned, but I wanted to make it clear that I do not use all of these all of the time. I finished the session with the opportunity to ask me questions…to which I hopefully provided some answers.

I think it is always important to reflect on presentations and I might have covered too much in a short period of time with this one. I’m also not sure that I pitched it at the correct level, although I have now worked in higher education for four years, I am not sure yet what is recognised as new use of technology or whether I am just talking about things that people already know about. Hopefully it was a bit of both.

My presentation is linked below if you want to have a look at it and, if you have any questions or comments, then please get in touch with me via Twitter(@iwilsonysj), Facebook, google+ or email.

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