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It would appear that I am quite strict with what I will allow and not allow on the server. I would like the server to be as ‘natural’ as possible with a thriving economy. With this in mind – here are the rules.

General Rules

Be respectful to everyone – we are all friends
Use chat responsibly – don’t spam or say nasty things
Use your common sense at all times – think about your skins and your actions
Use the chat to talk to each other – do not advertise or bully.
Play the game properly – no using hacks, mods, glitches or x-raying, its a game not a competition

Survival Rules

No trying to kill anyone – we are all trying to survival.
No mob farms/kill boxes/experience farms – if you are unsure what these means please ask Owner
No AFK farming – just play the game
No village breeders – its not to capture them and make them think they are alone.
Automated Harvesting farms are allowed, but keep them small
Keep you farms small – no more than 20 animals in pens please.
No griefing at all – if you didn’t place it, don’t touch it

If you are not sure about anything then check with the Owner or a Moderator before you do it.


Martin Gregson · April 8, 2015 at 10:29 am

These are all very sensible and positive. On a related note, Hedge was asking about villages last night. Villagers allow trade of items to take place. The more villagers, and the nearer they are, the more trade can occur. He wondered whether we might positively encourage their numbers (without numbers becoming an issue, of course).

    Ian Wilson · April 8, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    I’ve spoken to Hedge about this – he asked to set up a ‘village breeder’, using doors to ‘fool’ the server into thinking there is a village to promote ‘better’ trades. I am initially not keen on the idea but I will investigate it further. I can imagine you are going to ask about reasons so…I know it is a game, but I wonder what the ‘learning’ would be behind this approach. Also I would prefer to establish an economy based on the development of inter player trading through the use of shops and signs, supporting this though the rewards from competitions etc. This might be a dream – so I will look into a ‘village breeder’. If someone could add the benefits of this for either Hedge or the server community in general then I would appreciate it – all decisions are better if they are informed decisions 🙂

      Martin Gregson · April 9, 2015 at 4:53 pm

      Very sensible. If I gave the impression I had a preference on the use of a village breeder, I don’t, that’s all new to me. With a bit of work I’m sure we can have some much more impressive player made trade facilities 🙂

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