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Beware! Mythical Beasts!

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed completing last week’s activities on birds. This week we are going to stay with another type of animal but get a little more creative. This week’s activities are all about Mythical Beasts!

If you want to share any of your finished items then you can upload them to the comments below or twitter them to me @WilsonWaffling

Mythical beasts are only really limited by your imagination. They are not just dragons! Some mythical beasts were actually made up of several different beasts. The Chimera had the body and one head of a lion, wings of a dragon and two more heads, making three in total, one of a goat and one of a dragon.

So what would you own mythical beast look like?

You can draw it or describe it.

You can even make a mind map with all the adjectives (descriptive words) to help you with the description. Alliteration will work well here e.g. the dangerous dragon head

Let your imagination run wild!

Here is an activity which you can complete with someone else – you could even email them to your friends!

Start with an A4 piece of paper, landscape.

Fold it into quarters – four equal bits.

In the first quarter, draw the head, pass it onto someone else (remember about social distancing rules here!

Next person draw the neck and the front limbs

Next person draws the body and wings

Final person draws the hind legs and the tail

Have a look at the mythical beast you have created!

Remember you can now colour this in and display it for the world to see!

Have you ever wanted to turn into something else?

Well now is your chance! Take a face picture of yourself and print it out or put it into an art package on your computer.

Either cut the image in half or draw over the second half.

Make one side of you into a mythical beast! Here is what I came up with!

Can you do better?

half human face half lizard face

If you know any Greek myths or even fantasy stories, then you will know that sadly the mythical beast often gets defeated in a final battle.

Time to get writing! Write about the final fight scene when your own mythical beast gets killed.


You could write a poem or song about the lifetime and final demise of the beast-like the famous bards used to do in stories

Whichever you choose, don’t forget to read your story to your family and friends over the internet – ask your parents with help with this!

Within any story which has a mythical beast in it, there is also a hero. Someone who defeats the beast and saves the world.

But heroes don’t have to be famous, strong or mythical.

Have a think and decide who are your own heroes. Who do you look up to? Who do you admire and/or appreciate for what they do?

Of course don’t forget to record this in some way and share it.

I hope you have enjoyed investigating mythical beasts!

More activities next week!


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