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Hello and welcome to this year’s Readiness for Academic Study Course. Please bookmark this page since the week’s activities will be posted here every Monday. In order to get things up and running before next week, your first task is to introduce yourself.

If you go to the forums and click on the Readiness for Academic Study 2018 one, you will see a post asking you to introduce yourself. I’ve added some questions to provide a rough idea of what you should be writing and I’ve introduced myself as an example. If you are already at YSJ and completed the course last year, then please get involved if you wish.

We would like you make you aware that your interactions on this site may be used in a research project investigating transitions to Higher Education, which will be published at conferences, in journal articles and in blogs. Any information used will be made anonymous; no-one will be identified by name or contact details. You may withdraw your contributions from this research upon request from (your details) and this will not lead to any disadvantage in academic terms. Email addresses will be kept separate to recorded information and retained only for the length of the research project.


Find out about the course and introduce yourself here

Week 1 – Readiness for Academic Study

Hello and welcome to the first week of the course.
Throughout this course there will be a range of tasks and activities for you to engage with and complete. These will range from watching videos to contributing to discussions within chatrooms and forums. We would like to stress at this point that there are no right or wrong answers within this discussions. Academic writing is all about presenting your own views and opinions while supporting them with theory and reading. This is what we are hoping that this course will start to support you in doing.
If you have any questions throughout this course the please do not hesitate to contact either myself (Ian – or Clare (
Let’s get started and please – enjoy!

Overview of the Week:

On Wednesday afternoon we will me in the online chatroom on this website to help with any questions.
On Friday at 13:00 we will be having an online webinar to discuss various aspects of the topics within this first week. You don’t have to use a webcam and mic to join but it would be great if as many people as possible attend. I will be giving out the link to join in the online chat on this webpage nearer to the time.


1) Within the discussion forum, post one aspect of education/learning which really interests you telling everyone why this interests you and reply to two other people’s post saying what you think about their chosen aspect of education.
2) Go to and read about the different types of information which you might encounter within your academic study – including looking at the information types specific to Education. We will be discussing these in Friday’s webinar.
3) Watch this video – and answer the following questions in the discussion forum provided.
a. What do you think about this topic and how do you think this relates to how children learn and stereotypes we provide?
b. How reliable do you think this information is? – we will discuss this further in Friday’s webinar.

Week 2 – Readiness for Academic Study

Welcome to week 2 of the online course. This week we are going to be looking at the changes in learning between further education and higher education, how to start to support your points with reading and how to use Harvard Referencing Conventions.

1) What do you think are the three main differences between learning at further education (16-18 schools/colleges) and higher education (university)? There is a forum ready for your answers.

When writing about the differences make sure that you;

-State the differences clearly
-State why you think this is the case
-What impact you think this would have on you as a learner.

We will discuss some of your points in the webinar on Friday 14th September at 14:00

2) Go to and read about referencing. Follow the YSJ Harvard (all courses) at the bottom of the page. Read the next page and download and read the guide. Try to use this in the next activity.

3) What is important to you about education/learning – revisited. Research books, internet, journals, documentation related to your chosen topic. Write a forum post in the new forum engaging with your research and using Harvard referencing to reference your sources.

As ever, if you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact either myself or Clare. You will be revisiting referencing in your first year professional module, but getting involved with it before you start the course will be very helpful.