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Another week has gone by and I continue to learn at a very rapid rate about what is actually possible in the realm of Minecraft. Recently I have been introduced to the Nether, the Wither and automation! Decisions had to be made…


I try to keep up-to-date with videos about Minecraft on YouTube but, as you can imagine, I’m a few years behind the content. One of the benefits of having players on the server who actually know the game is that they can introduce me to new or current aspects of the game that I am not familiar with. This leads me to investigate what they are talking about and then making a decision on rules and inclusion on the server. An example of this was when I saw Redstone working. I had no idea what this was, although it was obvious it provided some sort of power. It was only after I had watched a few videos that I realised how versatile it was. So what have I had to make decision on…

  • The NetherWorld – When I set up the server, I saw on the config file a world called the ‘End World’. I wasn’t sure what this was but just thought I would ignore it. I then saw, while being shown around someone else’s building an obsidian arch/portal. It was then that someone mentioned if the Netherworld was available – something about lighting the portal! Shortly after this, someone asked and I realised that I needed to investigate. I’m still not one hundred percent sure what the Nether is, although I have turned a ‘false’ into a ‘true’ and apparently it is now available! I guess I meant have to venture forth into it – once I have created me own portal – and see what I can find! In the words of an old RPG film – “Shall ye enter?” – yes I shall!

  • Automation and Replicators – After seeing the Redstone in action, I started to watch YouTube videos of the various uses. One of these was an automated wheat harvesting farm. I was impressed how this was designed and used. One click of a lever and the water rushed over the wheat and harvested the lot. You still needed to replant the wheat but it certainly took the effort out of harvesting the whole field. Although this seemed a good idea I was quite amazed by the wealth of other automated machines that were on YouTube. Massive iron farming machines, machines that let chicks grow up and as the grew their heads went into lava and killed and roasted them and even machines that replenish your tools automatically. This then brought me into the realm of AFK farming. I guess that these ways of farming or producing a large quantity of resources are allowed and so can not be classed as ‘cheats’ but I needed to consider whether they were ‘allowed’ on my server. One important aspect of learning is about the effort you need to put into the task. We don’t just automatically know things and it is important to engage with the process and apply yourself in order to achieve a goal. Many people will find this hard and as obstacles appear they will give up or turn away from the goal. Perseverance is key here and this is something that I want to be apparent on my own server. If you want something you need to work at it. Although it might take some time, the rewards are much greater.

  • Server Rules – This leads me onto the creation of some rules. I often think that I want to please everyone but with numerous Minecraft servers available to play on, I think it is possible to make your own server unique to what you believe in and how you see the game being played. Late last night I started to read many sets of server rules. I am not keen on a list of ‘Don’ts’ when it comes to rules, much preferring to promote the positives. This doesn’t appear to be common practice with rules on servers so I ended up adding a little bit extra to each rule. I split the rules into general rules and survival world rules. These will be different on the creative world I have planned – here people can make as many automated farms as they want – as long as they don’t lag the server. Here are the rules I decided on after much thought.
  • General Rules

    Be respectful to everyone – we are all friends
    Use chat responsibly – don’t spam or say nasty things
    Use your common sense at all times – think about your skins and your actions
    Use the chat to talk to each other – do not advertise or bully.
    Play the game properly – no using hacks, mods, glitches or x-raying, its a game not a competition

    Survival Rules

    No trying to kill anyone – we are all trying to survival.
    No mob farms/kill boxes/experience farms – if you are unsure what these means please ask Owner
    No AFK farming – just play the game
    Automated Harvesting farms are allowed, but keep them small
    Keep you farms small – no more than 20 animals in pens please.
    No griefing at all – if you didn’t place it, don’t touch it

    If you are not sure about anything then check with the Owner or a Moderator before you do it.

    You can find these rules any time by going directly to the server rules page


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