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It is a question that often comes up at interview or you might have asked yourself on those evenings when you are busy marking after a long day with all your session plans still to do. Well I came across this article which I found interesting.

The article on Edudemic called Why do You Teach discusses this question. It is supported by this video;

It’s a very interesting and thought provoking article and essentially highlights many of the reasons why I teach. I teach to make a different, to inspire and encourage learners to take an interest in the world around them, whether that be in the science associated with the weather or the words within a book. I want to give them the inspiration to challenge things, to enquiry and to ask questions.To interactive to include and most importantly, to enjoy. Although that’s probably too long for a tweet with the hashtag it sums up why I teach…so why do you teach? or why do you want to teach?

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