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I never thought that actually running a Minecraft server would be so difficult and/or time consuming.

Minecraft Farm - smile for the camera!

Minecraft Farm – smile for the camera!

I’ve had a few crashes and conflicts recently and I’ve had to be in touch with Nitrous Networks to help me out. I added a permission file which basically didn’t allow anyone to build anywhere – even me! After a few attempts I managed to add myself to a group within a config file and that sorted everything for me. But then one of the users contacted me to say they had the same problem. I thought the easier answer would be to remove the permission plugin which I did but it just kept reappearing! Luckily the NitrousNetworks were quick to respond to a ticket I presented and told me about deleting the .jar file first. Success – permission plugin removed!

But things got worse! I wanted to use a plugin called Grief Protection which I wanted to use after seeing it in action on another server. I couldn’t get this to work at all (yet another ticket opened). The answer to this problem appeared to be to change my Modpack from Bukkit 1.7 to Spigot 1.8. This worked, but crashed Essentials! I couldn’t even give myself permission to fly! After downloading a new version I think I have got this work and managed to solve a problem with not being able to pour lava from a bucket for one of the players – although I did somehow manage to drop 64 buckets in his house during the process!

I still need to look into the chat – I don’t like the way it says ‘world’ all the time and think there is a plugin for groups chat. Multiverse portals still don’t work, but apart from that, everything appears to be sorted at the moment – until tomorrow of course!


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