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What I really think about assessment…

Every Sunday morning I get up super early in order to read educational articles and write the script for Monday’s Wilson Waffling Live show. The process can go one of two ways, it can either really motivate me to continue to with current practices or, as it was the case this morning, it can end up getting me rather frustrated about things. This blog often reflects my own personal views about things and I try to ensure that I present ideas and comments which can be supportive for the reader. I probably do not always achieve this with the five people who watch/listen to my waffles, but what I try not to do is not to have a rant. Although controversy can often increase views I do try to avoid this at all times. This waffle is going to be about assessment and my own views about it. Please remember these are my own personal views and are not meant to be controversial in any way. Although they might come across that way…

Sorry, I don’t fit into a box!

Sometimes I like to write these waffles to reflect on a topic or to talk about something which is on my mind. Sometimes, I feel like I want to have a rant. Recently, this is the mathematician in me, I have realised that I am paying one pound extra to have gingerbread syrup in my latte on the morning when, as a gold member, I usually get it free…yes it is a big deal and I have emailed 🙂 .This, however, is not what I want to rant about today – this week is a ranting waffle about boxes!