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Picture of a microphone at a conference

Keynote or Mobile device? – you decide…

I’ve spent the majority of the week sat in the library watching people come and go and working on my CMALT and PhD (more to come about the latter soon since I am recording my journey). No matter what I am doing, I usually have my twitter feed up somewhere, keeping up to date with events in the TwitterSphere. It was while doing this that I started to think about whether we should be tweeting throughout a keynote speech or just listening to the information. Of course, the distraction was immediately added as a draft idea and now you get to read it…


Wilson Waffling does Apps – Backdraft

Nope this is not an application about fire or heroic fireman – it’s an application which can be used to pre-create tweets to send out with a touch of the ipad while you are teaching! The video might lag in places, this is because my iMac has died and I was recording the episode on my MacBook Pro.