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A small step for you, one giant leap for me!

Every Friday night at 20:00 I do a radio show completely dedicated to songs and tunes from the musicals of both film and stage. One of my favourite musicals has to be the ‘Sound of Music’. With every musical you have to have a favourite song and with this musical I have two – ‘I have confidence’ and ‘Doh a Deer’. Why do I like the latter? well it is because of the initial opening lines of – ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start…’. This is so true and I often remind myself of this whenever I start something new and feel that I am either being swamped with information or the initial outcome is not to a standard I want it to be. Hang on, bear with me this is going somewhere. This week I managed to achieve something which to most of you reading this will probably appear to be a small, minor step but,to me, it is definitely a giant leap!

Can this be true? More books = More money!

Can anyone tell me how the world works? As you might be aware I have two blogs, this my professional one an a second one which is my ‘personal/gaming’ blog. I blog every Saturday to my personal blog (I love the name I came up with – Back of Beyond!) and yesterday I published a post which was about my anxieties in life. Currently, and I’ve just checked, it has a total of forty one views – one of my highest recorded views of any of my blog posts. Returning to my original question, how does the world work and why does that happen? Answers, as always, in the comments below . This week’s waffle is something slightly different – I read an article this morning while eating my usual two slices of toast and really thought – could this actual be true? Well, what follows are my thoughts…

The joy of reading with technology

It was half way through the week that I thought I would write this waffle but I have been trying to decided whether or not I am enough of an expert to actually waffle about the topic. Initially it was going to be about the joy of reading and or books, but I thought, after reading an online article, I would also put some technology in there as well. So if you are sitting comfortably and with a humble apology to all you literacy experts out there, I shall begin.

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