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Teachers – Leave those phones alone!

Talk about a catchy waffle post to get your attention! It is, of course, a Pink Floyd reference to another brick in the wall – not that I was or ever will be a Pink Floyd fan but I am a fan of technology and there has been a topic which I have been wanting to write a waffle about for some time but have never felt I knew how to phrase/write it. Well, today I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and write it – should learners use their mobile phones within sessions…

Bring your own – you’re not using mine!

I am reeling in disarray at the moment! As snow falls outside I am in my favourite coffee shop at a different time from my usual Sunday write my waffle time, my iMac has died and there is foam on the top of my latte! What else can go wrong today :). This week I have been rushing home every evening to be involved in the BYOD4Lchat. After learning so much throughout the week, I thought I had to share my views on this topic by writing this week’s waffle about it. So, get your own device, and let’s get waffling!