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My Retirement Speech

There is always a time within your professional career that you begin to wonder what you are doing and why you are doing it. Although I am passionate about teaching and learning, where I am actually doing it is always a constant dilemma for me. Spending a week within school working with both students and children on mathematical assessment activities I once again find myself consider where I should be. After a discussion with my dean of faculty about life and learning he directed me to an activity at the end of chapter one of a book by Peterson called “A Primer in Positive Psychology”. The activity requires you to write your own legacy and so…here is my retirement speech.

Ice Bucket Challenge!

After being nominated by two of the students I teach I stocked up on ice cubes, found my giraffe onesie and head down to my mum’s who has a garden (and a green bin) and braved the Ice Bucket Challenge!