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Almost Christmas!

With every waffle, Christmas is getting closer and closer! Most schools have broken up and the students left university over a week ago now. I’m still working until Tuesday, but this will definitely be the last waffle until the new year. So what to say just before Christmas?…

Christmas is coming!

Before you panic! I’m not going to start singing along to Mariah Carey or swinging some sleigh bells around. It will soon be the end of the Autumn term which means that preparations for Christmas are probably already well underway! In order to help you with these I thought I would let you know how I used to prepare – so glitter at the ready – let’s get waffling!


My ‘Elf Yourself’

It would appear that it is all the rage at the moment to ‘elf yourself!”, so I have spent some time creating my own which I present below. I would like you to know that it took about 27 webcam shots to get a photo I was marginally happy with – so please at least smile as you watch me prance about. Hope your preparations are going well!