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Primary Science – time for a new QTS skill test?

Well I’m determine to keep on my blogging schedule so this weekend it is a waffle on this blog. I do find this really difficult, especially since I am in the middle of marking at the moment which is taking up a lot of my time – both in and out of work. There is a big difference between marking children’s books every day to marking eighty nine three thousand words assignments in a four week turn around when there is still teaching, school visits and general admin tasks to be completed. However, a target is a target and I am hear sat with my coffee ready to write this waffle. What is it about? Well I have been thinking about primary science for some time, especially since I teach it, and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts about the subject and possibly suggest the implementation of a new QTS skill test….

What’s your learning style?

Ok, first of all, an apology. Although I started back on my Sunday blogging routine there was, and I hope you noticed, no waffle last Sunday. This was because I was poorly and couldn’t get out of bed until the late afternoon. I hope you were not too disappointed to tune in and find that there was nothing new. And, while we are on the topic of being disappointed there are going to be some changes with this blog that I feel I need to do in order to continue to make things work. Hope you don’t all get cross with me…