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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 58

Is a jaffacake a cake or a biscuit? This was one of the questions from the Wilson Waffling Radio show which caused some interesting discussions on Twitter this week. The chat on Youtube came to life and we looked at some guest blogs from the student. So without any further delay – Let’s get waffling!

Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 56

After the disaster of last week I was back this week! The pump on the cooling system is not only fixed but also upgraded! Talk about silent running! This week there are so many tweets of the week I had to make a video for them, I talk about a new curriculum and answer a question about elephants! – Let’s get waffling!

Grammar schools? – Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 55

We are up to Episode 55 and I actually managed to get the show broadcasting to YouTube! The tweet of the weeks mainly features students’ work this week and the opinion minion focuses on the issues about grammar schools. Last week’s draw something actually gets a correct answer and the Ask Wilson Waffling is all about books. Enough content – Let’s get waffling!