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Wilson Waffling Live – Episode 67 – Groupings

As well as the Tweets of the Week, the Website round-up and Ask Waffling Wilson, the topic for next week’s live show (Episode 67) is ‘Grouping children in the class’. What are your views about this? Let me know them via Twitter. We will have a look at what happened on my tweet timeline in Tweets of the Week and answer any questions which have been sent via Ask Wilson Waffling.

Why doesn’t school teach…

Apologies first! I was really poorly last week so I wasn’t actually able to write a waffle, hence why there was only a reference to my personal blog post which was suitably titled, Being Ill as a Singleton! Term has come to an end at university although our second and third years are still hard at it on placement so although I would normally hang up my waffling for the holidays, I thought I would continue for a while to give everyone something to read. Also, this week is a bit of a ranting waffle, which is always good for a Sunday. I don’t usually rant in my waffles and, although I am probably going to start by saying it is a rant it will probably end up being just a slight grumble. What do I want to rant/grumble about – well it is the difference between knowledge and skills when we are teaching…

ripples in water with a lion cub

The circle of education?

Friday was a very important day. Not as important as today being the longest day – downhill to winter from here on in! Friday was sign off day for the first years. Yes, they have finished their final placement and their first year at university with only assignment marks to be verified before, after the summer, they start on their second year. Soon, everyone will be finishing for summer and the cycle of education will be completed for this year and a new one started. As this happens I started to think about working within a cycle and how this impacts on both my teaching and my learning…